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All About Sound Bath Therapy

Sound Baths and Therapy

The practice of healing bodies through sound is an ancient practice and has long since been considered a deeply healing spiritual practice that cleanses us through music. A sound bath or also known as sound therapy is a transformative meditative experience where one is literally bathed in sound waves. The sound waves come from healing tools such as drums, shakers, Tibetan bells, singing bowls and gongs. The music is carefully chosen instrument working in harmony with one another and can even include human voice and chanting, ultimately bringing forward a deeply healing, soul fulfilling symphony of sounds.

Our Innate Sense of Sound

Hearing is is one of our physical senses we use constantly. When we use this on a heightened level to receive intuitive messages or insight we call this clairaudience, which means clear hearing. Sounds are all around us we are immersed in them at all times. It would make sense then that sounds impact us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What we hear on a daily basis, moment to moment matters. Sounds carry both positive and negative energy and shifts. Take a moment now to just listen to the sounds around you.  How do they make you feel? Listen to the layers of sounds around you, near then further out. Do you notice emotional, mental or even physical responses in your body having listened to the sounds? Sometimes the impact of sound is subconscious and we don’t even realize on a conscious level it is effecting us. If you’ll just begin to allow a relationship with the sound around you, you’ll begin to notice its power and influence more and more.

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How Sound Therapy Works

Sound therapy and healing is based on the principle of resonance which is a frequency or signal line our physical and spiritual body most naturally wants to vibrate along. If you are ill or upset and imbalance creates and your vibration moves off its frequency to an unfamiliar vibration. Since you want to maintain harmonious balance and flow we want to restore your body’s natural frequency. This is where sound therapy enters. Each chakra energy center in your body resonates at a frequency. So, the Root chakra, located at the base of your spine, resonates to a certain tone or frequency (let’s just call it note G for example)  – then if it gets off it’s natural vibrational line then sound therapy can tune it and restore it to it’s natural G note!

Sound therapy works with our brainwave states: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta

  • Alpha – Relaxed state, although passively aware. The first layer of a meditative state that feels a lot like daydreaming. It is hear where healing begins as the body’s natural pain reducing endorphins release.
  • Beta – This is our normal waking state. We are present, fully aware and alert. We can be reactive in this state.
  • Theta – Deep meditative state and feels hypnogogic. The is where higher levels of creativity are accessed. Think of it as opening the door to the subconscious. This is akin to dream state.
  • Delta – If Theta opens the door to the subconscious, Delta is a complete immersion with your subconscious.  Here we are in deep live sleep. Ultimate healing happens in this space. The body slows down immensely and we connect to higher vibrations.

Sound Therapy Tools

Sound therapy uses tools from across the globe. You might consider one favored tool you feel a natural affinity to for one reason or another, or a combination of several tools. I prefer a combination of tools: Tibetan bells, native drums and conch shell. I like to hear the sounds of these tools in my personal mediation. For healing treatments and therapy with clients I incorporate all three tools. That said, all of these tools are excellent options and one is not better than the other. Each tool does indeed carry its own very high vibration and unique sound healing properties. Remember to simply set an intention to receive the utmost healing and guidance that’s most aligned with you in your life right now as you work with each tool.

Some of the tools which I incorporate into individual treatments, group meditations and teachings include:

Tibetan Bells and Bowls

These tools are created to sing! They are made from seven metals: gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury. Historically, these bowls are known to have been used in the practice of meditation, ritual and ceremony. Traditional bowls vs modern made bowls, hold a powerfully healing sound,  creating beautiful undulating tones that beautifully linger for many moments. Tibetan bells carry very pure clear tones supporting you in identifying the location of, and then releasing of stuck energy within your body. Use these bells to support you in mediation and bring body, mind and spirit harmony.

Conch shell 

Conch Shells are ancient secret healing powerful instruments for all the different kinds of troubles. It cleans mind, spirit, home, working space, environments and other instruments as well.

Crystal, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls

Crystal bowls create a gentle sound and work directly with the Heart Chakra where one can reach energies of unconditional self-acceptance. Each crystal-singing bowl is tuned to a note on the scale which is then aligned with the colors of the rainbow and your energy body and chakras. These bowls work with sound, color and your chakra system to inspire healing. Profoundly breathtakingly beautiful and deeply spiritually transforming tones of these bowls has been described as an Angelic chorus. Quartz crystals bowls pass through the physical body to cellular structures releasing blockages on an energetic level. They inspire an abundance of prana and allow the accessing of altered states of consciousness.

Native American Drums

Drumming has been used to purify after sickness or death. Align yourself with the drums by playing to your own heartbeat then create sounds and rhythms on an intuitive level to raise your energy and access higher states of consciousness.

Rattles and Shakers harmonize and smooth out the energies at the end of a healing treatment or mediation, raising the energy vibration of the listener.

Symphonic Gongs

Often made of copper, the sound emanating from these tools is truly harmonic.

Tibetan Tingsha

Tingshas are hand-held tools that when chimed together in meditation support concentration and bring balance.


Steps to Create Harmonic Vibrations with Your Tools

  1. When working with sound tools first sit in meditation and clear your mind and space energetically.
  2. As you are lying on your back, take in a few deep belly breathes and release any stress and tension.
  3. Close your eyes and set an intention for a pure, positive experience.
  4. Tapping into your intuition allow yourself to create the sounds that flow based upon how your body and mind want to move.
  5. Let the music work through you, feeling it fully.
  6. You  might work with one tool or several different ones in one session. Setting one down as you feel complete with and choosing another.
  7. Allow the sound to fill your whole being and notice how your body comes into deep harmony.
  8. Continue to play until you feel an essence of completion.

Sound therapy is life altering. The deep healing, tranquility, rejuvenation and sense of inner peace sound baths bring have an ineffable effect on the soul. This ancient practice is ancient for a reason. As you stay focused in this healing practice you’ll begin to notice soul level transition that breathes new life, knowing, perspective and more to all aspects of your life.

What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed this article on the healing power of sound. If you’re looking for more spiritual development information on various divination tools, check out The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice podcast and my episode Uncovering the Mysteries of Numerology: What Your Numbers Reveal About You, along with my over 183 episodes covering a wide variety of intuitive development topics.

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