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21 Signs You’re A Psychic Medium

Do You Feel Different or Misunderstood?

Do you wonder if you have extrasensory gifts? Or, have you had some unexplainable experiences but you are unsure what they meant? In fact, you may not even be sure if they were even psychic in nature at all. Did these experiences make you feel different than everyone else or that you were misunderstood or didn’t fit in? If you thought you were nuts … take peace in knowing, you weren’t.

In the beginning, I threw my hands up a time or two because I didn’t know what was happening to me meant. At times, I was sure I was just imagining things. Sound familiar?

Do you have vivid dreams, daydreams, or visions that come to pass? Or perhaps, you see shadows occasionally? If you do, it’s okay to embrace that!

So, let’s clear the air and put everyone’s mind at ease. Here’s a list of common traits and experiences psychic mediums have. Which ones have you experienced?

Signs You’re a Psychic Medium

  1. In life, especially as a child, you felt different. Did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? You might even feel this now. Perhaps you can’t quite place these feelings yet you have always had a knowing there was something different about you. You might notice, as a fallout from this, that you yearn for real, true, deep connections with people in your world. It may even be that you can’t seem to find your tribe and/or people you resonate fully with.
  2. You see things in your peripheral vision or you see images and pictures that might present like a mini movie and which prove to be accurate. This is called clairvoyance. You might also see orbs, shadows, sparkly or flashing lights. You may be clairvoyant!
  3. Do you pay attention to your dreams? If so, you understand that dreams have an unfathomable ability to deliver profound messages, spiritual insights, and guidance, unlike other avenues of mental access. Do you have frequent or vivid dreams? You may even recall experiences of astral travel or have vivid dreams of past lives or people you never met. Each form of a dream is a message. If you are in tune to this knowing you are very well a psychic medium in bloom.
  4. You pay particular attention to your inner voice sometimes called gut sense and listen to its urgings and nudges. This is called claircognizance. Claircognizance messages may come to you in many ways. They can present in inspired ideas, dreams, through automatic writing, while drawing or playing a musical instrument. Often, messages present while in meditation or while giving or receiving intuitive or psychic readings.
  5. You may recall seeing spirits or passed over loved ones at a very young age. Children are still very connected to the spirit world since it’s not so long ago that they arrived. Futher, they don’t yet hold deeply entrenched belief systems that it’s not possible and even ridiculous to connect with spirit. It’s quite normal for children to play with seeming imaginary friends. If you had spirit experiences at an early age or sense the presence of Spirit as an adult, you could be have mediumistic abilities.
  6. You pay attention to your body and are in tune with it. Empaths very often experience this. In fact, many empaths are natural healers and will actually feel the illnesses, aching, pains or physical symptoms of others when they are near them.
  7. You hear voices, humming, buzzing, and whooshing sounds? Perhaps you hear musical tunes and jingles or experience ear ringing? This is known as clairaudience. These are very natural sounds and are nothing to be in fear of. They can seem like they’re inside your head (like the sound of your own voice) or outside as if someone were right there talking.
  8. Do you awaken at the 2 am hour feeling restless, anxious or ready to get up? This is a unique time in the day and often a most receptive time for spirit interaction and communication.
  9. Do you have a strong affinity toward angelic energies and/or feel like angels were near as a child? Spirit energies vibrate at a unique level. Think of it like a super-fast frequency. If you could sense that energy at an early age it’s highly likely you’re indeed psychic and connecting to higher angelic energies.
  10. Light interference! Have you ever noticed strange electronic phenomena happening in your presence? Better yet, are you turning on and off streetlights when you walk by? Do electrical appliances flicker or turn off and on when you are near? Perhaps you cannot wear electronic watches because they just stop working in time? This is a real phenomenon and happens because your vibration is so high – that of psychic energy.
  11. You receive guidance and intuitive insight through your body – clairsentience. Messages like this can present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly or an ache inside your foot. You walk into a room you have never been in and instantly you get chills, shiver or notice the energy in the room is different or even heavy. You might find yourself saying “It feels odd here” or in turn “I love how it feels here!”
  12. You feel the presence of Spirits. It’s as if someone is right there with you, but in spirit energy not real human form. Sometimes this will manifest in a feeling like you’re being watched. When this happens notice your emotions as you may feel a shift of emotions and overcomes with an out of place sadness or even glee connected to the spirit presence.
  13. You must have pockets of quiet in your day and you make time for solitude, taking advantage of opportunities to contemplate the mysteries of existence.
  14. You understand animals, can communicate and bond with them easily. In essence, you get each other. Is there an animal that captivated you as a child? Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal? What animals do you see repeatedly? Consider animal traits/characteristics. Which animal most closely associates with your personality? Begin to ponder these questions more to help this ability flourish. The connection to animal kingdom is indeed an indication of your psychic ability.
  15. Do you cherish creativity and put time into feeding that creativity? Artists, authors, musicians and the like are accessing the higher realms as they open to and merge with their creative essence. Mozart in depth of his expression through the piano was firmly entrenched in psychic functioning.
  16. Are you afraid of the dark? Does the dark bring out an otherworldly knowing within you? You’re not alone. Many with unique psychic abilities have a similar fear and prefer to sleep with lights on.
  17. You felt a very strong bond to a loved one after they passed away. I was very close with my grandmother. After she transitioned to the Other Side I felt her near me at all times. It was unmistakable to me and I just knew she was present helping us all with our healing. I received signs and symbols such as seeing her name and birthdate everywhere and constantly. I smelled her perfume in the air amidst a long bike ride 50 miles away from home – the most unlikely place! Do you have a unique and special bond with a loved one? Even long after they pass, they may still visit you often.
  18. Do you find that family and friends come to you to divulge their life issues and problems? You always seem to give the right advice and the right time and sometimes you don’t understand where what you’re saying comes from yet the words and right counsel just flow. Sometimes you don’t even recall all that you’ve said after the fact. You see that those you help are always soothed and you too feel a sense of deep fulfillment. Why? You’re smack dab in the middle of channeling the Divine.
  19. Are rules and regimen stifling to you? Is freedom essential? Does strict regime, procedure and guidelines make you feel uncomfortable or controlled? This is an indication of your psychic tendencies.
  20. You are easily overstimulated? Meaning, you loathe loud or crowded places, bright lights or strong smells? Do airports, zoos, amusement parks and sensory rich places make you want to sleep for hours after you experience them? This is because you are an empath, highly sensitive and/or clairsentient – very sensitive to energy!
  21. Psychic ability is in the family and/or generational. Most psychics were in fact raised by a psychic or someone with such tendencies!

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What Being Psychic Does Not Mean

Now that you know the signs indicating you’re psychic, you also want to know what being psychic doesn’t mean:

  • Your psychic ability is much like a faucet. You are in charge of it and you get to turn it off or on when you want to use it. You will not get psychic messages and images all day long. As you develop your abilities you will learn how to turn them off and on with ease.
  • You don’t suddenly have the ability to read other’s minds. Being psychic is more about self-actualization and is a means to your own spiritual evolution and growth.
  • As a medium, able to see spirit, they come when you say it’s okay and call upon them. No, you will not see deceased loved ones everywhere. You are in charge communicating with those on the Other Side and when.
  • You may decide you don’t feel a calling to use your psychic gifts and that’s okay! There are many people who are psychic mediums yet they’re content to stay in their 9 to 5, corporate professions. That said, should you decide to put these wonderful newfound gifts to work, remember that you must ask permission to read someone. The one thing you can offer without permission is Grounding another.

While you might hone your psychic abilities and practice with family and friends, give this ability the level of respect it deserves. Give yourself time to practice and get better. If you offer psychic insight do so with care, discernment and only when it’s requested.

Take Your Time & Do This Right

It’s an especially exciting time as you realize and explore your psychic abilities. You may find your jaw drops time and again as you begin to see what you’re capable of. You may feel like you want to tell the whole world and offer help to everyone. Be mindful of slowing down, taking your time and allow the awesomeness of your gifts to take shape. Resist telling the whole world you’re a psychic medium. You can share the magnificent beauty of it all in time and as you feel fully ready.

Remember that we are all intuitive it’s just that some have this ability stronger than others and/or some are not inspired to discover this part of themselves yet.

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Enjoy the Journey! It Should Be Fun!

There are things in the world we can’t understand. All around us, things function without explanation or permission. Even the sun rises and sets without our input and would do so whether or not we were around to see it. There are concepts we can’t explain: unconditional love, devotion, honesty, and sacrifice. If we are serious about making the most of our lives here on earth, we will endeavor to find and be our truest selves. Tapping into your psychic ability will help you find that truest self you seek. If what has been presented here resonates with you, use the information to find a new and more expansive you!

To begin to explore your gifts further take a look at my psychic development book Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

What To Do Now

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to discern if you’re psychic. If you’re looking for more spiritual development information, check out The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice podcast, along with my over 183 episodes covering a wide variety of intuitive development topics.

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  • Michelle Roddy says:

    WOW!! Completely blown away!! Everything I have read, is 100% real to me! I am in my 40’s and barely noticing and started seeing and feeling things, I figured I was loosing my mind. I stopped and really thought about it and realized I jad been feeling things since I was a very young child! But to read all of this I now know and have come to terms that I am absolutely NOT crazy or loosing my mind! WOW!! TAHNK YOU SO MUCH!! CONFIRMATION!!!!!!

  • Natalie says:

    Hello! I was wondering, if only a select number of items on the list apply to you, does that mean you’re not psychic, getting there, or have no ability?

    • Hi Natalie! The number of items on the list matters not. One or all or anything in between tells you that you have psychic propensity … I hope you’ll continue to explore yours! (: Warmly, Michelle

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Natalie,
      Hope you are well?
      I just have a few questions, I work as a funeral arranger in a funeral home and I have recently been having dreams about the family’s loved ones and recently one was about a teddy bear. I didn’t say anything but whilst with the family this teddy was mentioned. I could not belive that I have dreamed this the night before. I sometimes hear voices when I try to sleep and it’s like messages. I want to embrace this as much as I can because I have always been so interested in this.

  • Serina says:

    Hi! If numbers 1,2,4,7,11,13,16,18,19,20 apply to you, what does that mean?

  • Osa says:

    Well for me when I was ten i saw a ghost that we living in my room. I think it was a female judging from her hairstyle and i would some times hear footsteps and knocks and i could feel them and their energy. Everytime I close my eyes I see energie, symbols, images ect. Sometimes when I close my eyes and Concentrate on everything and then i open it I see auras and colors and flashes but i get sensitive and suddenly get headaches when i use my Physic powers more. It’s been years now and I’m trying to strengthen my powers and I’m able to predict the future only sometimes. But it’s mostly only about what my mom’s gonna buy. Thank you for helping me I was unsure about my Physic abilities ????❤️

  • Deb says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I haven’t read all the posts, but I gather (or hope) I’m not the only one that has all. Is that possible?


  • Olivia says:

    Every. Single. One. And more.
    I can’t find the right words right now. But as I’m reading this it’s so nice to feel not alone.

    • Wonderful Olivia! Yes, you are in good company. (: Warmly, Michelle

    • Ashley says:

      I’m crying as typing this. Just came to see the light, it’s all so overwhelming. I haven’t said anything, but feel like I’m surrounded by other amazing beings. I can’t talk to my partner yet, but will plant seeds and patient. Please tell me this makes sense

      • I’m very happy to learn this has resonated with you so deeply Ashley! Indeed, it is such a sense of relief and even joy when you find your tribe, and also meaningful new clarity and understanding. I hope you’ll continue to learn more about this aspect of who you are. Warmly, Michelle (:

  • I’ve always experience a sense of anxiety when everyone is around. But when I see a person I like it goes away and then I feel that he’s telling me something but I don’t know what it is

    • Thank you for sharing this Kinslee. If you’ll continue to learn about this, the knowing you seek will come. My podcast, The Intuitive Hour, is a wonderful free resource. I do hope you’ll join me there. (: Warmly, Michelle

  • Ryan says:

    Since I was very young I’ve always felt a presence surrounding me like someone or something was in the room with me. I am now 43 and I still get the feeling of a spirit amongst me. I often have dreams of people passed and they come to tell me it is all ok. When my father passed and my mother and I went to the hospital to be there we were sitting across from one an other and my mother said I can’t believe he is gone and I looked at her and said he isn’t gone that he was right behind me because I felt him put his hand on my shoulder. I often hear my name in a disembodied voice and my coworker can vouche for me me because he hear my name when we were the only 2 in the room. I often get chills and feel watched when in a room. Is this a gift I have?

    • Hi Ryan, We all have the ability to connect with spirit on the Other Side. It’s a matter of building that ability more and more and experiences like this happen with regularity for yourself and even others. Set the intention and it will grow! I’m delighted you’ve shared your experience! Keep on, keep on. (: Warmly, Michelle

  • A says:

    I have connected with all of this,1-21. Right now I am 28, and have realized that over the last two years my life has moved me into my spiritual awakening. My mother has psychic gifts and has welcomed my “gifts” growing up although it scared me and I pushed them out. I never slept alone (shared a bed with my mom until 7 and then my big sisters. Slept with the covers over my head.) I was a big drinker when I was younger and got sober 2 years ago. I now feel my gifts returning and I’m trying to embrace this. I have gone through a lot and think it caused my gifts to flood into my life. I went to a medium and she told me at the beginning of meeting that’s she knew I was a medium too. I never shared anything about why I called otherwise.

    I don’t know what to do from here… I want to learn to use my gifts and help others but I’m also a little scared.
    Do you have any advice?

  • Anonymous Psychic says:

    I came across this site bc I am feeling overwhelmed with all the phenomena that has and always been going on in my life. For some reason it’s enormously strong tonight. I automatically picked this site from numerous others just from intuition..reading 1-21 was like a poem so familiar..killing me softly with every can someone know my deepest thoughts, experiences and desires more or less writing them down on a website. I DON’T want to be psychic so I have to disagree with the ability to turn it on or off..for me it don’t work that’s there whether I want it or not even if I’ve tried to ignore it for the last 40 yrs..Don’t usually post my feelings to ANY site and it’s beyond me why I’m posting this now..

  • Sandra says:


    I’ve had a handful of experiences throughout my life since I was about 4yrs old. Most all involve knowing something has happened or is happening. Or knowing a nick name from relative that I never heard before. My connection mostly involves my dads side of the family. Last night I was assisting with taking care of patient post operatively and without any way warning, she ask me questions and said my great grandmother was standing next to me, I looked just like her except much younger, and That she enveloped me in a protective pink aura, and was asking about a brouchet. Every time I approached her during the 1.5 hours she would say, she keeps going on about the brouchet. Then she said she called you sweet pea, this did not register with me at all. I told her my dad recently passed, she said that’s it he was called sweet pea and that I was the brouchet and that she was proud of me, always loved me and protected me. I recognized immediately that she was gifted. And could see the dead. When she first said my great grandmother was standing next to me. I knew without conviction she was gifted. I checked with my mom this morning and his brother used to call him sweet pea. I feel that maybe it was my grandmother his mom or his aunt who had abilities. I’m left puzzled and wondering what abilities I may have. The second night Feb 22 after my dad had passed on Feb 21, I spent a lot quite time praying and crying hoping my dad was ok and knew how much I loved him I fell asleep at some point in his old recliner at my home with only floor lamp on, I awoke at daybreak, my first point of focus (odd) was the lamp it was off. I checked the cord, plugged in, I checked the bulb it was not loose. I turn knob it came back on. I felt that my dad had been here and letting me know he was ok. Until yesterday I knew nothing about auras. Was she able to see because I’m a sensitive in someway. I’m 59yrs old and have never had an encounter like yesterday, also many hospital staff had been near her but I was the only one she saw things around? What to make of it? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • Katherine Kohlhas says:

    Starting at a very young age(around 4 years old, almost to the point I can not remember, except for a few major details of my surroundings), I would scare my mother by waking and telling her whilst crying that we needed to visit a relative immediately…only to find out the next morning, they had passed within the night. This continued until I was 12 years old or so. I also lived in a colonial house starting at age 8, and had “dreams” of a family while they were passing. We found out later that a family of 5 had died of tuberculosis in the early 1899’s in the home. There were many other odd things that happened in my childhood, teenage years and beyond, but after the age of about 17, I found that I didn’t have as much understanding of it. As of today, I am still an extreme empath, and have extreme intuition with people and animals alike, but I have one thing that has been tearing at my heart. My father passed about 10 years ago from esophageal cancer, just after I gave birth to my daughter. He was my best friend(he had so many internal struggles, but the purist of hearts). I always thought I would be able to feel him, or see him, or smell him again somehow…but I can’t. It has made me question all that is inside of me to the point of depression. Maybe he truly did find peace, and that is all he ever wanted…but I can’t help but to almost be angered that he isn’t with me in someway, or maybe I am just blocking him somehow. Anyway, I would like to learn more about myself in general, and any advice on understanding this would be very appreciated.

    • … invite him to come to you. Then, let go of any expectation of his visit or timing related to it. He may come in a variety of ways: music, memory, smell, taste, emotion of bliss. Be open to all this as a means to connect with you. Warmly, Michelle

  • Tapanga says:

    Okay so I have all of them . I’m 20 my grandma is a psychic but I never knew my whole life bc she told everyone to keep it from me bc she had a feeling I would get them . Well the only thing I disagree with for me personally is finding it joyful I love that I help people but I hate seeing it and trying to understand just everything . It’s so weird and hard to explain and I just found out about all this recently and the feelings just got so strong when I lost my brother who was 2 yrs apart and I just felt him with me weirdly and all my feelings started getting so strong I love this gift but I feel like I sound stupid like nobody will believe me bc of the fakes . But I’m young and it’s just so strong and real and I hate to say I hate it but I do in a sense . I just wonder what it feels like to be able to relax and feel normal . Everything else ran through my head then I just started thinking and looked it up and my family started talking . It’s just so hard to explain . I’m not going to do anything but it eats me up so bad I don’t wanna be here to deal with it but I love it at the same time

    • The gift is of love and light and nothing to fear. The more you understand and accept this, the more the gift naturally and easily flourishes for you. I hope you’ll continue to learn and grow Tapanga. Warmly, Michelle

  • Tapanga says:

    Also ^^ I feel like I can control it but I can’t like I can’t just shut it off but idk if I can idk how I just feel about it or how it works for me I get how it works I don’t understand it like I know what it is I get it I have the feelings every single thing but I just keep getting this sad feeling about it even tho I love it

  • Ashley Knight says:

    Thank you for this. I am 23 years old. I have been having VERY vivid dreams for the past couple years. It seems like they are every night. Maybe 2 nightmares a month and it really isnt even terrifying…. Its just very odd and it makes me wake up. I’ll have very different dreams or I’ll have a dream I had 7 years ago. That I remember. I’ll have DevaVu about 4 times a day. Maybe more. Maybe less. I see things out the corner of my eye. All. The. Time. I read that these abilities are quite annoying and im getting very annoyed with it. Toys will go off when I’m around. Sometimes they arent even on. I always hear music.. I’ll hear different kinds of music. Classical.. All the way to hip hop. (This happens only at night time for me) There is so much more going on. I really want to go farther in with my abilities and see how I can help the loved ones that have passed away. Even if they arent very happy ones. I havent been staying at my own home because there are very angry spirits there. I’ll get sick and angry myself. I just need more advice at this point. Help me out? Lol thank you for reading….

  • Pamela Mower-Conner says:

    It’s so nice to read that the sudden appearance of bright blue or purple/blue lights I see are one of the signs. I always feel uplifted and pleased to see them. Sometimes they appear on the page of a book I am reading or just suddenly in space. I often saw floating images as a child, though I was quite frightened if they happened at night, during daytime was ok. Vivid dreams happen almost every night. I am so happy to learn there are others experiencing these and other phenomenon.

  • Gaile Dearing says:

    It so good to know their are signs out there… And I’m not the only one…. I thought I was losing my mind… I don’t ever remember seeing or experiencing anythings at a younger age…, But it started when I was in my 30’s… I would know things that happened without any one telling me…. My sister called to tell me one day that a distant cousin passed away and I blurted it out before she could get it out…. I have no idea how I knew it, But I didn’t think much of it and decided to ignore it…. But then it happened again, and then I started having thoughts about people that I had no communication or relationships with, like I would need to reach out to them before they transition….. it’s so strange…. I would see things in my dreams… Clear and precise things that would nag me for days….. What is it.. I talk to God all the time and ask for guidance.

  • Julie says:

    I was raised with all the women in my family have what they called a sixth sense. We always knew when my grandmother, the family matriarch, needed to talk to us, she would call out to us in her mind. I know it sounds weird. Also we all have times when we would get a deep dreadful feeling and call everyone in the family to find where the problem was. I just thought it was normal. When I had children I became more aware of the spiritual side. My daughter talked to “Angels” from a young age and could predict events. My son saw dark images and knew when the dark was causing spiritual unrest. I have never considered myself a medium, but as I get older I am starting to think I may be.

    • Thank you for sharing Julie! I hope you’ll continue to develop your abilities and learn more about psychic functioning! There’s a plethora of free material here and I also offer online courses. Let me know if I can help in any way. Warmly, Michelle

    • antonella dangelo martinez says:

      Hello, when I was 13 I saw a ghost after this as years went by I had many experiences with spirits and different entities by having lucid dreams, in my dream like state I was actually seeing myself in my own room. I had extremely scary experiences in this dream state but o also had great ones, like being hugged or visualising positive things while in this state. I also heard voices in this state couple times but not often. I am currently going through a massive spiritual awakening in which I not longer need to be sleeping to channel the invisible I just go into a trans state In the middle of the day I start to feel a smell for example then I feel like a have a fever and I shut down, the room feels cold and I feel I can’t move like a force is weighting me down. I been doing angel tarot cards and getting extremely accurate readings it has been a vessel for communication for me. Am I a medium? What am I? I am confused this is so intense.

      • Hi Julie, It’s good to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your experience. I encourage you to listen in to my podcast, The Intuitive Hour. Here you’ll find a number of episodes to support you in your learning. We all do have psychic ability… it’s merely a matter of setting and intention and staying consistent with opening it and learning. I hope you’ll continue to learn more. Warmly, Michelle

  • Ethan says:

    I was absolutely blown away thank you so much now I realize what’s going on. When I was young about 6-7 I went to psychic in Orange County and she had told me I was very special and unique and that I was the only person that came up in every bodies reading. Not only that but I’ve had a lot of outer body experiences and every night I basically have crazy night mares, also when I was in middle school I had been thinking about my great grandmother all day and vocalized it to my brother, when we got home I decided to make an airplane and it was not just a normal airplane but one of those 1 person airplane that took me a little while to make and glue together. When my parents got home they informed us she had passed and when she was in the ground they let me put the airplane onto the casket before the dirt. I’ve had a very difficult life I’ve been to 24 psych wards and 6 rehabs because I use to numb myself because I just feel too much. Thank you for validating me and making me feel less insane I appreciate you.

  • Kitha says:

    All of these were on point and it makes me nervous because of my beliefs. The only one that bothered me is the one about the animals because for some reason animals and amphibian’s kinda terrify me for some strange reason and this has only been in my adulthood. I was ok as a child even had a dog but not now they terrify me. Different things are transpiring more now in my life than ever and it often feels like something is pulling on me.

    • … thank you for your comments and thoughts Kitha. There is indeed nothing to fear as this psychic side of you is of light and light. It is merely your soul speaking to you, subconsciously. You can trust this. (; I hope you’ll continue to develop this side of who you really are. Warmly, Michelle

  • Tia Fox says:

    How there is only 2 of these I didnt experience in my life watches die around me I have seen shadow people and figures heard voices wired tone sounds I have predicted things to came true off but feelings I smell things that are not there as a kid went in and out of day dreams alot thought in was normal experience what they call sleep proalce have ability to astroprjection I can heal others but also have taken on others illnesses. There is like only 2 things I havnt experience. My mom talks about things she went thou like hovering over her bodie my daughter from age of 3 claims to see and hear spirits one time took a picture of her and seen orbs all around. Most of all glad I and my family are not the only ones that have these experiences also ones of being scratched and touched ect

  • Ashley says:

    I’m crying as typing this. Just came to see the light, it’s all so overwhelming. I haven’t said anything, but feel like I’m surrounded by other amazing beings. I can’t talk to my partner yet, but will plant seeds and patient. Please tell me this makes sense

  • Monica says:

    I see the numbers 1010, 777,717, ,.1212, 1111 a lot… I feel energy around me a lot like there a human standing right by me or over me creeps me out heart starts to race… Sometimes I see ppl but they run away just disappears or hear kids running around me when I’m just waking up out my sleep.. in my dreams I got telepathy messages before but one time I wasn’t familiar with the voice other time it was my ex boyfriend voice but he passed away shorty afterwards… After he passed I was sitting in the room crying and I start hearing him talking to someone else another male voice than seconds later I couldn’t hear anything! It’s frustrating because I don’t know what’s happening me to… Had many more experience! Just don’t know where to start

  • Frances Palomares says:

    Tuesday March 22,2022 7:25 am
    Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been able to see, feel, hear, loved ones who have passed i was at a funeral on 3/16/2022 idk if this is something connected to Being a medium but mind you I had never met this girl who was only 15 she’s my wife’s cousin she passed and not much was given about her passing but as we where there sitting in the last row all of a sudden my eyes where closed I felt so sad tears where coming down my eyes and I could feel what I think is what she was feeling when she was in the process of passing she was showing me what happened by me feeling the exact same thing after that I could somewhat see a shadow still my eyes are closed at the moment I new where her dad was sitting but I could see a vivid picture of a black shadow bent over with her hand on his back saying I’m sorry is all I kept feeling was I’m sorry I didn’t know this was gonna happen it was an accident I could also feel she wanted me to tell him she was sorry but I couldn’t find it in me to say anything I thought there gonna think I’m nuts but my wife says she heard me say out loud “So that’s what happened to you “ then my eyes where open I was tired and felt the need to leave ???? I’d not like these feelings nor do I know when there gonna happen and it scares me

  • Mie [me-ay] says:

    I’ve had most of these abilities since I was a kid but repressed them until somewhat recently. I’m 22 and I’m officially able to turn on and off my ‘receiver’ as I see fit. I’m busy with exams right now so I have it mostly turned off (with an exception to my guides).
    It was really reassuring to read what you’ve written, and also read others’ comments 🙂
    I’ve also noticed some new things that I experience but didn’t realize were spiritual. Like seeing little sparkles and lights! Do those have any specific meaning or are they just bursts of energy?

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