Advanced Psychic and Medium Development Program

If you’re interested in taking the Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development Program, please complete the following application.

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Describe your history and knowledge of psychic functioning.
Why do you desire to become a psychic/medium?
What are your goals surrounding your psychic learning with Michelle?
What are some expectations you have in a program of this nature?
Who or what brought you to Michelle Beltran's courses?
What does success look like to you as a psychic/medium?
What is your biggest concern about being a psychic/medium?
Please tell me about your experiences of your direct
Spirit communications from the time you were a child.
Please tell me about your psychic experiences from childhood.
You may also include any other experiences of events surrounding
other worldly, extrasensory, out of body or even near death experiences.

Upon receipt of your complete questionnaire, the next step requires a determination of your ability to connect with those on the other side and/or psychic proclivity. This is evaluated by Michelle during a phone consultation. You'll be notified of a time of date for this telephone consult.

Please understand all applications are carefully reviewed for consideration.

Your application is not guaranteed entry into the programs.

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