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In a Medium reading Michelle will connect directly with the spirit world and your loved ones who have passed over


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Medium Readings


In a medium reading Medium Michelle will connect directly with the spirit world and your loved ones who have passed over. She will bring any messages they have to you.

In this session Medium Michelle helps you find answers you seek about the Other Side and your departed loved ones. These readings are a wonderful opportunity to understand and learn about the healing power of contact with the Hereafter.

You may be guided in times of stress, loss, indecision and even depression. Through information received from spirit in this reading, you can learn about your past, loved ones, relationships and future.

Michelle is an “evidential” medium. This means, she will provide facts about your loved one that she could not possibly have known, such as particular events, nick names, special activities and the like. You will know it is your loved one she is connecting with. Michelle will first focus on determining who the spirit is, how they passed and what their emotional state was before passing. She will then provide factual evidence that she is communicating with your loved one through specific details provided by spirit. Once this is established, Michelle will provide the messages spirit has for you.

Please realize that a reading does not take the place of the grieving process. Acceptance of the loss of your loved one must take place first. When you feel strong enough emotionally, you can begin the process of a medium reading with Michelle where you can understand and learn about loss, both from those around you and your loved ones passed on.

It is not necessary that you provide any information about yourself. Medium Michelle prefers no information, at all.

Readings are completed over the phone or in person with the exact same outcome. Medium Michelle’s only requirement is that she hears your voice clearly in order to link with your energy.


Be sure to read the FAQ page for information regarding how to prepare for a medium reading.

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