Psychic Readings

Michelle will work directly with your spirit guides as well as her own to receive messages

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About Psychic Sessions


Michelle will answer any questions you may have pertaining to health, career, finances, family, love and relationships and anything else you wish to discuss.

All Michelle’s clairabilities are open, however she most often sees (clairvoyance), hears (clairaudience), and feels (clairsentience) messages of guidance.

These sessions, like a medium session, are factual. It is common to receive specific and factual information regarding names, dates, descriptions, specific events and the like.

There will be nothing that presents in a session with Michelle that precedes your free will. You, always and ever, have choice about what presents.

It is recommended that you take notes of your session. Your session may also be recorded upon your request.

Why Have A Psychic Reading?


Are you desiring a bird’s eye view of what’s ahead? Are your ready for an honest, detailed and intimate look at your life’s story? Eager to gain a deeper understanding of where you’ve been and/or where you’re going? We’ll delve into this and much more.

Are you excited to learn about the potential that lies ahead? Great! You’ll receive guidance and insight regarding your past, present and future. That said, these sessions are not fortune telling, rather, they are filled with highly intuitive and clairvoyant messages of guidance to assist you.

Do you desire facts, details and specific information regarding an aspect of your life? We’ll get specifics for you.

Following a session, you may find yourself saying “Yes, I knew that.” This is because you did know it, and Michelle is merely the vehicle to bring this forward to serve as validation with regard to your own higher knowing.

We’ll look at your soul purpose. Where you are today is much different than where you were 5 years ago, so your purpose/calling may have changed for you. We can tap into what’s presenting in this regard.

Obstacles, confusion or feeling stuck in life? A session will glean insight into solutions to pending issues and choices in life.

Are you repeating unhealthy patterns? In this cared-for space we can get to the core of this.

Are you wondering, “What are my best next steps?” We can take a look.

How Michelle Works


Michelle requires absolutely no advance information and in fact she will ask that you only state your first name.

There will be a few moments for a prayer as Michelle connects with her higher knowing/self and guides. She may work directly with your higher knowing and guides as well to receive messages.

Michelle will ask that you start the session with your first question. You will find that the reading takes its own shape from there.

Michelle works quickly so images, impressions, messages of guidance flow steadily. That said, comments or questions that arise for you are welcome at any time.

Sessions over the telephone are equally as effective as in person. As such, most sessions take place by telephone.


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