Tele Courses

Do You Want To Know
What Your Gifts Are And How To Use Them?

Tele Courses

Medium Michelle reveals techniques and tips to assist you in opening the spiritual door that is unique to you.

She is thrilled to offer these one hour tele classes for those who wish to expand their consciousness as part of their journey of personal growth. This is a chance to discover your unlimited potential while learning in a safe forum.

Spread over a month, the courses are designed to bring clarity and help you move closer to achieving your deepest life aspirations – most importantly connection with your highest self.

Available Courses

Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a tool through which you can access your intuition. Everyone can learn to remote view! In quieting your mind and allowing subconscious data to come forth through the use of your senses (clairabilities), you can find answers to past, present and future questions.

Learning about Your Clair abilities: What are they? How can I use them?

In this class you will learn about your clair abilities, what they are, how to open each and finally how to use them fully. You will also have access to specific guided meditations to assist you in opening these abilities. This will be the doorway through which your connection with spirit becomes stronger.

How can I connect with Spirit?

In this class, you will learn that you too can link with spirit.

Michelle will help you understand when, how and why your loved ones communicate with you.

Meditation, Grounding and Running Energy

In this class we talk about meditation, what it really is and how you too can easily learn to quiet your mind as you move forward in your spiritual growth. We will discuss how this essential tool of Grounding can assist you in rooting and centering. You will also learn about Running Energy and how to use this simple technique in your daily life.

Psychic Protection & Neutrality

This class will teach you to understand and be aware of the energies around you and create necessary boundaries as you make the conscious choice to keep your pure positive essence within your space.

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