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The Meaning of Repeating Numbers

How it Shakes Out: You’re in Good Company

One of the most common questions I’m asked relates to the meaning of 111 or 222, 333 and so on. You’re not alone. This happens among many!

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While each situation is all its own it usually shakes out like this:

You begin to see recurring numbers wherever you go. It’s almost as if they’re following you. The recurring numbers appear to you on license plates, clocks, on billboards, digital screens, book covers, zip codes, house numbers, odometers … you name it! You see the numbers 2:22 on your phone clock. You head to work and the mileage the odometer in the car reads 222. You swing by the coffee shop and in the drive-up lane you notice the car front of you has 222 on the license plate. At this point, you’re saying, “Alright Universe, what’s happening here?!” At first, this is a pleasant and welcomed surprise. You have a sense this is a synchronicity of some kind. You’re sure there is something bigger than you at work here. And, there is! The repeating numbers keep on though. In time, you notice that it’s happening to others around you. The surprise and delight turn to a spiritual knowingness of a higher power near which then turns to “I’ve seen enough … I’m a believer! Now, what’s the message Universe?”

Why You’re Seeing Repeating Numbers

Before we look at what the actual digits mean, you want to understand why these repeating numbers are coming to you!

Universal Matrix of Mathematics

Absolutely everything in the universe, even we as humans, are part of a mathematical structure. Look around you now, everything you see (and don’t see) is made up of particles. These particles have energy. You can think of the energy as a charge or frequency. This makes them spin. The spinning particles are purely mathematical. Even space, which has dimension, is mathematical having its own geometric pattern. When you understand that all things are mathematical you begin to understand why repeated numbers present themselves. It just makes sense. Not only that but when we are born into this world our unique number signature is encoded into our name and birth date. These numbers capture the essence of our life path.

Your Birth Number & Numerology

Numbers are the makeup of the universe and so it turns out that numbers are the easiest way for higher realms to get our attention. Even the day you were born comes with a powerful mathematical influence. Your birth day number is an extremely important mathematical number, albeit on a personal level. In the realm of Numerology, your birthday numbers are the five most influential numbers. This highly charged mathematical number reveals telling insight about your life calling, traits and skills you possess, and even challenges to be mindful of in life. At the core, mathematics is even deeply embedded in your birth day and is here to help you along your life’s path.

With this in mind, let’s now look a bit further behind the coming of these recurring numbers.

What’s the Point in This Numbers Communication?

As you already know, recurring numbers are a higher message confirming goodness and divine aligning in your life. To be more specific however, a few other things may also be happening:

  1. Spiritual Awakening: When someone is undergoing a spiritual awakening, which often comes on the heels of a depression, loss, or life trauma of some kind, you begin to see the world through a new lens. Desires, interests and hobbies and even friends change. New things move you. It becomes important to spend every moment of every day doing the things you enjoy most and with people who add to your life. You begin to set boundaries with people and speak your voice. It is during this time that you may begin to see recurring numbers as the Universe knows you’re ready to receive them and the insight that comes with them.
  2. Warnings and/or Support: Sometimes recurring numbers are a strong nudge and even a warning to listen up and pay attention. Other times, it’s your Higher Self saying hello, letting you know they are present and supporting you.
  3. You’re on Track: Being in alignment means you have never been in a more perfect time and place that is right for you, than now. Over there, figuratively speaking, is not better than where you are now. Regardless what your present circumstance, where you are now is perfect. Even in chaos or a bottoming out, you’re in alignment. That’s a tough one to swallow, isn’t it? Think of it like this: the bottoming out you may be in directly correlates with the extent of the momentum coming to you ahead. In this perspective perhaps now, you can grasp that and understand that you are always in alignment. Settle into the knowing that there is a perfect plan in place, it’s unraveling now and you’re doing just fine.

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Who Is Bringing These Recurring Numbers?

  • Your Higher Self
  • Spirit guides
  • Angels
  • The Universe
  • Spirit/Loved Ones on the Other Side

What to Do When You See Repeating Numbers

It’s important for you to know what to do when you see these repeating numbers mean. Let’s begin!

  • When you are in a situation in which you’ve seen a recurring number pay attention to what has just happened in the hour prior and after.
  • Consider what you were thinking in that very moment as the numbers present.
  • Emotions are the single best way that our Higher Self, Guides, and loved ones can reach us. So, consider the emotions you’re feeling in the moment the recurring numbers are delivered.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale and say, out loud, “Show me what I am meant to know about this recurring number Universe.” Then, tune into all senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Let the message come to you through your senses. Trust the very first message you receive. It may be a slight knowing or a gut sense. Trust it. You may receive an image, or flash of images somewhat like a movie. You may know exactly what it means or may be unsure what it means just yet. If you’re unsure, it’s okay! That is still your answer. Just let it be until the knowingness of its meaning breaks through to your conscious mind. This can take a day or two.
  • Remember to offer thanks to the higher forces who are bringing this invaluable insight. When I’m shown a recurring number I say, “I’m honored to receive this message of meaningful guidance. I offer deep gratitude for this.”

What the Recurring Numbers I See Mean: Finally, Some Clarity!

Here is guidance to get you started in discerning the meaning of the repeating numbers you’re seeing! Caveat: You’re the best interpreter! This explanation is merely a guide. Always trust your own internal sense of the meaning of recurring numbers first!

Recurring 1s

You are manifesting a new beginning. Time to start something new. The ‘out with the old, in with the new’ energy is all about you now. Set yourself free to create your own unique path and break away from the group/pack. Honor your autonomy and move into a take-action and proactive space regarding creative endeavors. Be especially mindful now of your thoughts; you create what you think so give constant thought to what you want in order to bring it in. Pay attention to your ideas, beliefs and feelings as you engage in new beginnings. Release fear. You’re in your power. You are a conscious creator.

Recurring 2s

This is a time to be cooperate and harmonize with others. Call for your most diplomatic self. Find balance in your life. Process, heal and find closure with unresolved lingering emotions. Embrace the romantic relation abound and/or coming; begin a partnership and connect with others. An opportunity to heal yourself and others is ahead. Embrace it. Trust your intuition and develop your psychic self. Trust your own inner guidance system. Embrace your feminine power and/or that feminine aspects of yourself. Stand tall, communicate effectively and be willing to say no with grace, love and care. Your Guides are with you now.

Recurring 3s

Spontaneous, playful, joyful and fun energies are abounding in creative expression. Wallow in them. Laughter is your best remedy now. Be with friends, family and be more social. Expression creatively forthcoming in written form such as journaling. Speak your truth; be mindful to put your feelings to words and express those emotions in a healthy way. Spend time with children and see the world through their eyes. A vacation or rest time is welcome. Nurture, personal care and rejuvenation are essential now. You’re right where you are meant to be. The Ascended Masters are near you.

Recurring 4s

Be steady now and create a foundation. Ground yourself and others around you. Be pragmatic. Discipline and stability are your focal points. Time to put the ideas, desires, and intentions to reality; be relentless, forge forward and nose to the grindstone. Wisdom in finances, particularly regarding saving. Be honest, with integrity, forthright and take your responsibilities seriously. It is time to build the foundation for the future. Make a commitment to your future; persist and persevere. Attention to your health now and physical activity; be in the outdoors. Your angels are near you.

Recurring 5s

This tells you to make positive changes and embrace challenges. Major life changes ahead; prepare for change. Be willing to be flexible and go with the flow. It’s an exploratory, adventurous time: break free from the restraints.  Meeting new people; trying new things and experiences. It’s okay to change the routine; think outside the box. Time to practice temperance and moderation. Follow your passion and take a risk. Be seen and heard; promote yourself. A new you is ready to be born. Be mindful of the much-needed makeover. Progressive and innovation opportunities abound.

Recurring 6s

Family, love and unity are in full swing. Love is on its way. Make quality time for those you love. Be there for family and friends and those who are counting on you. Address the elephant in the room. Nurture those in need. Donate to a charity; open your heart. Love yourself first. Focus on a bountiful home and your health. Heal yourself; let go of the relationship that is no longer serving you. Begin a family. There is a child coming; prepare for the new life literally or symbolically. Be mindful that we are all one; employ the law of one; center with source energy.

Recurring 7s

It is a time of calm, go within. Make quiet time alone; pray and be in your sacred space. Listen and authentically hear as you interact with the world around you. Be patient, there is plenty of time. Reflect before you act. Nourish your body with yoga, meditation and just be. Discovery time for the spiritual you and the mysteries of the Universe. Study metaphysics and your personal and spiritual development. Do your research; get back to school, a learning endeavor ahead. Reuniting with a master or craft you set aside. Time to teach, educate, and inspire others. Be near animals and the outdoors now, especially water.  A loved one from the other side is connecting with you.

Recurring 8s

Financial and career abundance. Abundance is on your path. Budget; resolve debt and legal matters. Focus on career. Change in job; promotion, consider new position or employer. Adopt a perspective of abundance; you’re right on track and finances are improving. Be willing to move. There can be balance in the spiritual and material worlds; the coexist in harmony. Reclaim your personal power; chin up, head high always. You are more than your ego. Quite the left-brain chatter coming from ego. Recognition is coming your way, accept it. Justice is being served; Karma is balancing. Archangel Raziel is near you.

Recurring 9s

Conclusion of a cycle, transformation and letting go. Prepare for endings and complete projects. Forgive yourself and others to foster deep transition on all levels. Allow yourself to let go; trust and surrender. Forgive and be patient. Be tolerant. Resolve conflicts, heal past wounds, especially with family. Be compassionate. Humanitarian, animal-related and environmental interests and pursuits are to be explored. Give selflessly now. A creative, artistic opportunity serves you now; explore the arts. Open your mind; there is vast change and a level up ahead. Archangel Uriel is with you now.

Recurring 0s

Fresh start, reaching your potential and freedom of choice. You have come full circle. You are starting a new phase and chapter. Buy a home, have a child, write a book. Care for your health. Train for a race, redesign the kitchen, embark on something completely new. All possibilities are within reach. Your potential is limitless. Clean out the closet, spring clean, give away what you don’t need. You are infinite, eternal and one with all this, ever was or ever will be. You are ever tethered with the Universe wrapped in the warm blanket of the divine.

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There Is so Much More Ahead for YOU!

It is a blessing and gift to see repeating numbers! An incredible new you is blossoming so embrace and enjoy this time. Remember that it’s a sign your Higher Self is at your back and there is so much more ahead for you, if you will listen.

Further, there is an underlying ripple effect at work here. You may begin to see unique synchronicity happening in other areas of your life as well. Be especially mindful of your dream space as this is one of the easiest ways for our Higher Self to send us messages. Breathe in all additional this divine alignment as it unravels!

Strap on your seatbelt! There is so much more ahead for you! Be sure to check out the online Beginning Psychic Development Program as well as the dream series at my podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice!

What’s Next?

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