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Love Telepathy to Communicate with Who You Love

What is Mental Telepathy?

Did you ever want to send a thought, some love, or a message to someone you love or are thinking of? Regardless of what the distance, you can. Even though you are not in one another’s presence, your thoughts, words, and love energy can reach them through a different means. We call this telepathy.

Imagine if you could send a message to anyone you wanted regardless of how far away they are and do it without a written letter or cell phone; no texting, no recorded messages, no penciled thought, no actual words whatever. If you could, you would be using mental telepathy—the process of transferring your thoughts from your mind to someone else’s. This form of communication has always been thought to be outside the mainstream of science. It has always been thought to be in the realm of science fiction or the paranormal. But there is proof to the contrary.

Love Telepathy

Do find yourself feeling the emotions of others, and specifically the person you love and are in a relationship with? Love is so powerful, so beyond us that it brings two souls together, creating a bond that connects them that is uncaptured by words – it is a physical, emotional, and spiritual bond. The powerful life force energy that is born between the two people madly in love is divine that the two begin to feel like they are one or in sync. You feel your partner near you even though they are not. You will feel their love. You will feel their energy. You will feel their presence. You will feel them with every fiber of your being.

Does any of this resonate with you?:

• out of this world bond and connection
• hear each other’s thoughts
• finish each other’s sentences
• feel whatever the other person is feeling
• sad or anxious for no apparent reason, then chances are, you are experiencing a telepathic love connection i.e. those emotions of sadness and anxiety are not yours – those are the emotions of the other person

Telepathy is truly a gift and those people that are blessed with it will evolve spiritually and raise their consciousness to new massive heights.

Signs of Telepathic Communication Between Lovers

1. Knowing what the other one is thinking.

Whether they are next to you or miles away, you just know what they are thinking and feeling as if they have told you. You know what they will tell you next when you are speaking to them. It’s as if you can read each other’s minds. That’s how powerful telepathy in love is. This kind of bond hold a powerful energy connection like no other. It is like an ever-present invisible tether. You might find yourself describing as feeling like the two of you have become one. For example, you sense when they are feeling off or having a bad day and then you get confirmation of this. You find this sort of thing happens often. When two people are connected telepathically they are able to transfer their energy to one another and so they feel a change in mood. The sense when the other is upset, joyful or sad. This is because an energic transfer to the other person.

2. Being comfortable in silence.

For many sitting in silence with someone is extremely uncomfortable and even causes a level of anxiety for some. For two with a telepathic love, the silence bonds them and is a powerful way of communicating. This kind of silence feels safe and opens the door to a more meaningful and joyful experience of another. There is a full sense of being even more connected and closer to each other. That’s the magic of telepathy.

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3. Vivid and recurring dreams.

Two people with a strong telepathic bond will often share same dreams. Talk about your dreams with the person you love and you’ll be delighted to learn you have similar dreams. Sometimes it’s exactly alike. This is a classic example of higher level energy alignment and connection. Did you dream your lover got a new job offer and the next day learned that in fact there was a shift in staff at work and they are moving into interim supervisor role at work? This is happening because those with a telepathic bond are subconsciously communication, albeit in this case, in their dreams.

4. You feel at home with them.

There is a deep sense of feeling safe, loved, protected and right at home in a telepathic love relationship. Their presence fills you with a newfound sense of peace and calm unlike you anything you’ve known, nor can you find the right words to describe it. It’s essentially ineffable. Just being near them makes the world seem right.

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Steps To Sending Love Telepathically

  • In a quiet, seated position, close your eyes. Quiet your mind. Meet the moment with dignity and be upright, present, setting all the to-dos of life aside for now. Making an agreement with your left brain you’ll return to all those important to-dos later. Ideally you would have sat in a space of Running Energy prior to this mediation.
  • Give attention to your breath now. Inhale slowly and exhale fully. Belly breathing… in and out through your belly slowly and gently. Feeling the expansion and contraction of your chest. Steady, balanced breathing creates a meditative rhythm … let’s find that place.
  • Put out a Grounding Cord.
  • As we begin this powerful meditation, say out loud: Today, with grace and ease, I send love to you. I understand we all have free will. My love is here for you to choose.
  • In your mind’s eye envision the person you want to send your love message to. See them in all their clarity before you. Notice what they are wearing, what environment they are in, what their facial expression may be. Most importantly do you feel emotion from them? See them as if they were literally there right in front of you, standing there with you.
  • Now, those emotions you just let come forward. Feel them in all their depth and then feel this magnificent emotion as it literally ripples throughout your entire body, ultimately peaking in your heart chakra.
  • In this powerful space of holding the massive love in your body and heart, now reach out as if you could touch them. Touch them on their shoulder, cup their cheek, caress their hand. As you do this, feel the warmth and smoothness of their skin, feel the supple sensations of the touch, and in conjunction open to the energy chai that is emanating from each of you…one to the other in this union.
  • Next, be sure the love you exude, and share is pure, and well-intentioned, honoring their choice and free will. If you notice any low vibration energy, ill intentions, fear, too much expectation of them, then simply ask that these energies release from this meditation. Ask them to release down your Grounding Cord. Say hello and goodbye to them.
  • Focus now on your own body and the deep love resonating from within. Where is it located most? Your heart? Head? Belly? Notice where the seat of this intense emotion is in your own body, located the center and feel this all-encompassing love to its fullest extent. Feel it expanding and growing bigger and bigger.
  • In the same way you create a Grounding Cord create a Love Telepathy Cord that connects the two of you … this cord however will tether you from your heart chakra to their third eye, the space just above the brow line in the center of the forehead. Through this cord send all this love you have just been present with and which fills your entire body over to them now. Envision this cord and make it real in your mind. Envision all this powerful flow of love energy to travel through the cord, unhindered until it reaches their third eye.
  • For the next 15 minutes, remain in this space, while the flow of intense love passes to them and between you.
  • As you’re ready after you feel the flow is complete, gently and lovingly release the cord and come back to your own centered space of self. Tune into your Grounding Cord and be present in your own body.
  • When you feel complete, open your eyes, wiggle your finger and toes, stand up and gently move and shake your body and limbs back to the present moment.

This Telepathy Love Meditation is deeply transformational, healing the mind, body and soul. It is of love, light and pure goodness of intention at its core – that is why it works.

Learn To Be Telepathic

Yes, you can. We all have the ability inside of us to be telepathic. It’s simply a matter of setting and intention and beginning. As you practice you’ll find this ability gets stronger and stronger as you unleash the telepathic power within you.

This kind of telepathic bonding can happen between family members, lost loved ones, and especially with twins. So, with practice, we can unlock our hidden telepathic powers and have a life-changing experience in the most positive way. Telepathy is very strong among lovers and even if the two are parted or experienced any kind of relationship imbalance. This powerful work will support all these relationships in reaching harmony.

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