Was It a Mistake or Not?

Are you feeling at peace with your choices? Do you feel like you’re second-guessing yourself regarding a decision or choice you made about your life? Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? How do we take seeming mistakes or bad choices and view them through the lens of necessary, positive and even divinely brought? Step into your true voice and release your critical voice as you consider these questions:

  • Whose idea was it that it was a bad choice?

Do you really believe this was a bad choice or did someone tell you it was? Take a moment now to think of a time when you or someone you know made a choice and despite the opinions of naysayers, stuck with it. In essence, they trusted their own gut and the choice subsequently turned out perfectly fine or even better than fine.

The lesson here perhaps is that there will always be someone who will say things should have been different. Resist accepting someone else’s darker cloak about the choice unless you believe that too.

  • Was this the best choice you could have made at the time?

There is a good chance it was. Consider the choice of marriage at an early age that didn’t last. Often a 20 year old doesn’t know what they might at 40 years old. Regardless, we always do the best we can at each juncture in our lives.

What’s more, you know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that, ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice. There is no shame in putting your best foot forward even if you feel you somehow fell a bit short. You gave it your best shot in the moment with what you had. Find peace with that knowing.

  • What good has come out of the choice?

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, “Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?”

  • What did you learn?

If you learned something, then there is no possible way it was a bad choice. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”

In essence, the benefit of what you learned far outweighed the burden of the seeming poor choice. You might have felt you lost in some way yet on a deeper level you gained tenfold in wisdom – a priceless education.

  • What part of you is saying this was a mistake?

That part of your mind that thinks the choice was bad or a mistake is pure ego. The very intelligent Universe however knows exactly how this seeming mistake fits in perfectly. This experience would not have been brought to you if you were not needing it. As it is so aptly been said, “your arms are too short to box with God.”

Psychic Secrets: How to Tell the Difference Between Psychic Messages & Mere Thoughts

Is It This or Is It That? How to Tell Psychic Images and Messages from Mere Thought

Intuitive and psychic messages are different than a thought. As your ability grows, you will be able to tell the difference between the two. Here are some valuable tips to get you started!

As your logical left brain is in motion and thinks, your conscious mind is doing the work. Your conscious mind and thoughts are one. This is conscious thought and you are one with it. You might even find yourself overtaken by it. An example may be when you are organizing an event and all the surrounding details and plans related to it as well as your attendance of it in the coming weeks.

When you are receiving psychic information your all-knowing consciousness is at work – your right brain. In this space, you are an active observer of whatever is presenting in much the same way you observe the floating in and out of information at the beginning of meditation. Or, as you watch an event unravel, but are disengaged from it emotionally. As an observer of the information you are not creating it as you do in your thinking, logical mind space.

To enhance your intuition, focus on seeing yourself separate from anything that comes in. Resist temptation to interpret. Just look from the outside, in. Be the observer. Messages of psychic and intuitive inspiration come from nowhere, are spontaneous-feeling and most often have little to do with what you are thinking about in the given moment. They are gentle, and find you.

Psychic information and insights are of a high vibrational frequency and will transcend ego. If you notice low vibration thoughts of fear, worry, doubt or self-sabotage as you tune into this ability, you are not connected with your right brain/higher knowing. Also, it may take time to understand the messages you do receive. This is okay. Let the knowing come when it is ready to.

Psychic Information or Message Characteristics

Psychic information, impressions, images or senses are void of ego. They are gentle and natural, almost as if they float in effortlessly. You may notice they are also without emotion and seem impersonal, or unbiased. They are most certainly neutral feeling in nature. That psychic thoughts and downloads are without intensity of emotions can cause us to miss them. What is unique though about psychic messages is that there is a deep seated, back-end sense of certainty, ease, calm and peace that does accompany them and so that extent we have an internal and natural knowing of their validity. Psychic information can repeat (see Rule of Three below) and might even seem silly to our left brain. If you find yourself saying “Oh, that’s ridiculous, that couldn’t possibly be” then take a closer look.  Psychic thoughts may also come in randomly in a scattered sort of way, unconnected to anything ongoing around presently.

You know you are experiencing psychic insight because the information will feel like it has come from a higher consciousness. You might also then notice a feeling of being compelled to put that inspiration into fruition by taking action.

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Not Psychic Information or Message Characteristics

Thoughts we receive that are not psychic in nature we call mental noise. They are remnants and aspects of the interpretive function of the left brain. The left brain is at work here, telling you what the sensory information is and often jumping to conclusions. For example, I write Eiffel Tower and you begin imagining it. You’re left brain is now at work coming to a conclusion of what it thinks the Eiffel Tower looks like.

Thoughts and left brain interpretation data are a mix of memories, suggestions, imaginations and guesses generated by the conscious waking mind. This kind of information is exactly what makes psychic perception difficult and distorts accurate info coming in. The word mental noise is actually a well-known remote viewing term first coined by Ingo Swann, the father and creator of Controlled Remote Viewing. The most accurate psychics, it turns out, have learned to master the ability to quiet this left brain mental noise, aka., thoughts.

Some additional characteristics letting you know you are in left brain and you are not receiving psychic information:

  • The image or information you are getting presents one after the other in a linear way. Meaning, one thought, after another and another. This is the way our left brain works, linearly, one thought connected to another. A string of thoughts.
  • If you find yourself in the act of hesitating and/or saying to yourself “Uh, mmm, or hmm” then the very next thing will be left brain non psychic information. The action of hesitation means thought is coming next. These mentioned verbal expressions are also precursors to receiving left brain information. They are telling you the left brain is at work and a logical process is happening. Remember, right brain data is random, gentle, finds you, and drops in with no aforethought.
  • Left brain thought can evoke emotions.
  • Left brain thought is often nothing new to us and reinforces what we already know, believe or expect to be true.
  • If it’s from the left brain we usually aren’t surprised by it nor is there originality to the information.

How does Psychic Information Present?

Psychic information and messages may come to you in many ways. They can present in inspired ideas, dreams, through automatic writing, while drawing or playing a musical instrument. Often, messages present while in meditation or while giving or receiving intuitive or psychic readings. The way they present comes in two ways:

1.) Consciously: Messages from your psychic ability may present like a gut feeling. You sense that you just know something, yet you don’t know how. In these moments, when a gut feeling has presented you are often consciously aware of messages.

2.) Subconsciously: Messages may also be received unconsciously. Speakers, authors, and artists naturally use their gifts of intuition while in the depths of creating.

You may find that you consciously or unconsciously tap into the divine mind for creativity and inspiration. Both are fine.

Let’s Reflect on Your Own Psychic Download Experience Now

Think back now and consider the past few days. Was there a moment where messages of psychic insight may have been trying to present to you? Let that memory come in. Don’t look for it. Don’t search for it. Let it find you. Perhaps you had a feeling someone you had not seen for some time would call, and then they did. Did you find yourself saying, “I knew it” surrounding an event or incident of some kind? Was there an inner knowing decision that you made that turned out to be right? Did the perfect words or artistic creation come to you at just the right moment with a feeling of exuberance or excitement? Perhaps, out of what seemed like nowhere you received an inspired idea that resolved a particular issue of importance. These would each be examples of times when you were receiving psychic guidance, whether you knew it then or not.

Psychic Development Tip: Remember the Rule of Three

Also, be mindful of the Three Times Rule. When you receive an intuitive message three times the message may be psychic related and your intuitive self trying to tell you something, in essence, your soul speaking to you. Do listen! As a simple example, you’re deciding whether to draw an eagle or lion for a special assignment in art class you just enrolled in and that you’re incredibly excited about. You’re absolutely torn because you have such an affinity for both gorgeous animals and really want to push yourself and do exceptional job on this assignment. Within 24 hours you’ve seen an eagle present in some fashion, by outright pure happenstance or even strange coincidence: on the cover of a magazine while sitting in the waiting room for an appointment, on a poster in the window storefront as you walk by on the way to lunch, and a friend mentions the eagle’s nest they found while on a hike.  So, listen up and pay attention. If you get a message three times, then that’s your indication that the message is psychic or intuitive guidance!


10 Steps for Psychic Thought Exercise

Try this exercise to help you discern psychic thoughts from your own thoughts.

  1. Think of a question you would like to receive psychic insight about.
  2. Write it down in one clear and succinct sentence.
  3. Now, write down any expectations, desires, worries, fears, possibilities and potentials or any other information that comes about this question.
  4. As you are ready to receive psychic guidance be in a seated comfortable position with your bare feet on the ground. Now, breathe in and out. Inhale and exhale slowly for several breaths. Ask all tension, to-dos of the day, or concerns to leave. Make an agreement with your left brain that you’ll come back to the importance of life’s daily on goings when you are done.
  5. Now, ask your question out loud as you continue to breathe. Give notice to any thoughts that present. Remember, you are seeking emotion free, simple, clear and concise data that comes to you and naturally floats in.
  6. Once you have received the psychic information, write it down.
  7. Give attention again to your breath. At this point, you may want to learn more about the psychic information you just got by now asking yet another specific question about it.
  8. Continue to write down your psychic messages and thoughts as they present.
  9. You will reach a point of knowing you have received all that you are needing to at this time.
  10. Set the information aside. Come back to it the next day giving particular notice to any psychic insights or a-ha moments that surfaced during the exercise.

Resist the temptation to make sense of the meaning of the psychic message if you don’t understand it just yet. That will come in time. It is essential to allow the psychic thoughts  and messages space and time to evolve  and make themselves known to you with clarity.

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Navigating Psychic Messages

Psychic thoughts are not straight-forward and this can seem confusing. When this happens, your psychic skills are not lacking. We don’t always grasp or make sense of psychic information right away. This is actually a sign to you that the information is psychic. So, try meditation on the thought as opposed to rationally understand it. The knowing of the message comes in time.

Once set the intention to receive psychic information , you will receive it. Understand that it will come in a divine time that is not always your time. This usually happens when we have let it go, released it and are not thinking about it and have move on to something else that is distracting us. This distraction is good and helps us release the waiting or holding tight energy of an answer we are fixated on or attached to. So go get busy doing something to quiet your left brain thinking mind. The psychic message and answer will naturally slip right in.

I’m Psychic and I Want to Learn More!

If you are interested in learning more about how to connect deeply with higher power messages from your own thoughts, check out my Beginning Psychic and Mediumship Development Program. You might also enjoy Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic as a start! Get your first four chapters free!

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Psychic Medium Shares 6 Techniques to Put In Your Spiritual Handy Bag

Intuitive and Psychic Development Includes a Balanced You!

I’m often asked what the most important spiritual tools are to guide one in daily life. I’d like to share a few of those powerful energetic tools. They have transformed my own life and I trust they will be of value to you as well. Let them be avenues to swiftly and easily guide you to a higher vibrational space at necessary points in your day.

Remember, consistency is the key! Make these tools like the air you breathe or the water you drink. They are deep nourishment for your soul self.

6 Techniques to Put In Your Spiritual Handy Bag

1. Ground

Grounding helps you reclaim your life force, your unique soul signature. This is a dynamic tool that connects you instantly with the present. Here are some simple steps to assist you in Grounding.

2. Connect to Your Spirit Guides

This tool is a favorite!

Our spirit guides are there to help, inspire and listen at any time. If you’ll tap into their messages, answers and guidance must follow. You may notice synchronicities presenting in your daily life such as new opportunities, unexpected good news and fun encounters.

The connection with your spirit guides is very gentle, and their communication comes across often in our thoughts. Think of the connection with your spirit guides like you would any other meaningful relationship in your life that you nurture, care for and find time for. The relationship with your spirit guides is no different and requires the same level of commitment. The more time and attention you give to cultivating clear lines of communication with your guides, the stronger your relationship becomes.

The best thing about developing a connection with your guides is that they are aware of exactly what you need at this very moment in your day.  You can count on your guides to supply you with the opportunities you desire as you surmount seeming obstacles, finding your purpose in life.

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3. Connecting to Your Intuitive-Self

Are you feeling lost or not sure what to do about a particular issue? Perhaps there is a challenge of some kind at work or with family you are unsure how to resolve. Or maybe you just desire a pick-me-up in your moment?

Create space for a few moments of silence and go within. Quiet your mind and repeat the mantra, “All is well. I am loved. I am perfect as I am.”

This 30-minute guided meditation also helps connects you to your Infinite-Self. Accessing your higher self brings the guidance you seek. With it comes newfound inspiration and you will find yourself harnessing those aspects of yourself that you rarely use. Most importantly, as you connect to your high self you become happier! Use this Clairaudient Guided Meditation to help you connect.

4. Energy Detector & Prayer of Protection

Some of our thoughts are more than mere thoughts. They are messages from a higher source – guidance. Maybe you’ve stepped into an elevator on your way to work or on a trip and you suddenly feel lower vibrations feelings of annoyance for no reason. You may be tuning into the negative energy of someone near you who is annoyed! You are an energetic spiritual being having a human experience. Because of this, it is common that your body receives lower energies coming from others.

A Prayer of Protection is a great tool to help you ensure only your pure positive energy is in your space. It will also release and return other’s energy back to them with care and grace. Energy protection is as natural and necessary as eating, sleeping and drinking. It acts as a powerful force that wraps you with love and grace, helping you to be better prepared as you embark upon your day.

As you move forward on your spiritual path, you begin to understand and become more aware of the energies around you. It is helpful to establish filters or boundaries as you make the conscious choice to keep your pure positive essence within your space.

Remember, protection is an ongoing, constant process. It’s not something done once. Your awareness of having protection in place throughout your days is essential. Learn more about the necessity of protection.

5. Connect with Your Heart Chakra

When you notice feelings of overwhelm and stress, when you feel pulled in many directions or when tough decisions are presenting at once, make time to tune into your heart space. Your heart space is the captain of affinity. It is the center of your deepest feeling-self, far beyond just an anatomical organ that pumps blood. Here you find ultimate peace, love and light. Tune into it often!

Try this:

In a meditative space, deep breathe for several minutes and go within. Travel behind your heart space. This is where your own unique soul signature is. Connect to this special space by just putting your attention as well as your intention here.  Breathe in and breathe out with your soul signature from here for a few minutes.

You should now feel revived, calm and able to tackle any challenge today. Use this heart space centering tool regularly to link with the source of your deepest awareness in its purest form.

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6. Appreciate

Start your day with this tool! It’s simple, but profound.

Imagine a golden divine ball of love and grace over your head. Fill this divine ball of energy with every bit of pure goodness that you can imagine. Bring in happiness, freedom, peace of mind, joy, forgiveness or even productive project energy. Add in all that you appreciate in life and anything else your heart can imagine. See this beautiful, glowing ball of wonderful energy grow bigger and bigger as you add each bit of appreciation and blessing. Reach up and poke a hole in the bottom of this wonderful bubble and let the energy of it ooze down into your body through the top of your head. Let it lovingly and warmly embrace all of you.

Use this blessing-filled bubble of light and love often. Remember, you’re the creator of your life. Life is not happening to you. The beautiful thing is that while each of these tools creates rich and instant change in your day, others vicariously receive inspiration from you, now inspiring change they are needing in their day as well.

Psychic Development , Maintaining Equanimity and What’s Next

Spiritual and psychic growth requires body, mind, and spiritual wholeness and balance. This trilogy goes hand in hand. Going forward, be mindful of all these techniques you have learned today yet begin to also hold your physical body as sacred and significant. Health and having a high level of physical well-being is an important endeavor. To learn more about the body and mind connections and how it relates to your spiritual and psychic growth visit The Intuitive Hour Awaken Your Inner Voice!

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The Secret to Manifesting Your Desires

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

With the New Year upon us, we feel the natural energy of “out with the old, in with the new.” For many of us that means a compelling desire to create resolutions.

Are you determined to lose weight?

Is there a long overdue desire to stop smoking or even drinking?

Have you set the commitment to get that daily exercise in?

Perhaps you want to save some money and make better financial choices?

Do any of these resonate with you? You might find these are the same resolutions you make each year. While such decrees are wonderful steps forward filled with good intentions, they may only be focusing on an outside fix to solve an inner vibrational misalignment.

Here’s the secret: Instead of just changing the color of the shutters, it’s time to renovate the dwelling from the inside out. The secret to unlocking a life of peace and fulfillment is to focus on your inner self – a commitment to loving, accepting and embracing yourself as the perfect being you are.

As long as you are looking outside of yourself to make life better, you’re going about it the wrong way. Make friends and find peace with who you are right now and then the doors to your desires will open. Your successful New Year’s resolution begins with loving you first – fully and completely.

The first spiritual technique you can learn to help you create and manifest what you want is meditation. It helps quiet your mind of racing thoughts.

The reason this technique is so powerful is that when racing thoughts are storming through your mind, you will find yourself pulled in many directions why not try this out. Racing thoughts can lead you to confusion and make you feel you are spinning your wheels.

Meditation helps you gain clarity and what I call “a quiet mind” to help filter in thoughts of peace and acceptance.

Along with meditation, you can also learn how to ground your energy, and learn about running energy.

Ready to start learning the foundation for creating and manifesting your deepest desires this year?

Find out more information about how to use meditation, grounding, and running energy to create and manifest success in the New Year!