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Spirituality & Health talks with Michelle Beltran, an award-winning psychic and author of Take The Leap: What It Really Means To Be Psychic

The universal mind is a source that is accessible to those willing to dedicate the time and effort needed to become versed in the psychic realm, asserts Michelle A. Beltran in her guide Take the Leap: What It Really Means to be Psychic. Providing a comprehensive initiation for individuals who feel called to the supernatural world of the psychic, Beltran encourages readers “embarking on a journey of self-discovery to awaken an innate desire to understand the universe.” The book offers articulate definitions of all aspects of psychic practice, specifically examining the Sense- Abilities, or “doorways through which your connection with your intuitive, psychic self develops.” The work guides readers through the practices and the processes involved in the development of the novice psychic, including meditation, journaling, developing intuition, and selecting a specific training program. Access four courtesy chapters of Take the Leap here!

Expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.

S&H: How would you describe what being a psychic means?


A psychic is a person who recognizes the supernatural capabilities of the mind and works to expand his or her skills. They seek to develop those abilities which lay outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding—powers and abilities that function outside the domain of natural laws. Psychic abilities involve skills to interpret, manipulate, and report on events and information that can’t be acquired within the sphere of physical science.

S&H: What is the difference between being psychic and simply being intuitive?


You can think of intuition as a gut sense, a hunch or knowing you have about something. Everyone is intuitive and this ability is always available to you.

In turn, psychic ability is quite similar to intuition and really isn’t different at all. It may help you to think of being psychic as adding another layer to intuition. By this, I mean by being psychic you are deciding to deepen or hone your intuition. How do you do this? First, pay attention to the nudges and hunches. Second, make a conscious effort to develop this skill. Being psychic is merely the deliberate and conscious choice to not only use but pay attention to and then develop your intuition.

S&H: What do you say to critics that don’t trust the notion of psychic abilities?


Skepticism is a plus, not a negative. I encourage it!

It is a tall order to expect someone to embrace the notion that there are phenomena in this world beyond our conscious minds and understanding. Psychic functioning is indeed beyond our logical minds and unexplained. Naturally, this can bring doubt, fear and the skeptic.

A bit of healthy skepticism will go a long way towards ensuring psychic functioning and any related modality are accountable, responsible and it even improves accuracy in a development setting.

Michelle has also co-authored two additional books! All three books are available at Amazon. Click here to learn more! https://amzn.to/2vaebv3

S&H: What are the signs or characteristics of someone who would make a great candidate for psychic training?


Anyone can learn to be psychic! Here are just a few characteristics that those choosing to enhance their psychic ability may express:

• pay particular attention to their inner voices and listen to its urgings;
• pay attention to their bodies and are not afraid to be mystical;
• make time for solitude and take advantage of opportunities to contemplate the mysteries of existence;
• cherish creativity and put time into feeding that creativity;
• observe everything around them and attempt to make sense of what they see. They are drawn to finding the truth in others and in the world; and
• pay attention to their dreams, knowing that truth can be found in the spirit world as well as the physical world.

S&H: What is the first, essential step to take in honing what you call psychic “sense-abilities”?


Connecting with your higher self, your sixth sense, and the spirit world requires the use of all your senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. These senses are the doorways through which your connection with your intuitive, psychic self develops.

The first thing to do is to get a sense of your own inner Sense-Abilities.

Start by taking time to increase sensory awareness of everything around you. Try taking a sensory field trip—a time when all you do is practice awareness. Go to a sensory rich location like a zoo, your local grocery store, or farmer’s market. Take time to notice everything there. As you wander, listen to the sounds that make up the environment, the smells you encounter, and everything you rarely take notice of. Look everywhere, and feel everything. Feel textures, notice colors, sensations, temperatures, and smells. Handle things. Notice the weight and temperature of the items you touch.

This simple exercise tells your subconscious self to begin awakening.

Learn more about a session with Michelle

S&H: How do you separate yourself and your emotions with those you’re engaged in?


As a practicing spiritual counselor or guide, you are bound to come face to face with highly-charged experiences, despite protective precautions. More often than not, the reason will be an inability to keep your attention focused outside of yourself. If you don’t stay focused, you will become entrenched in whatever situation is emotionally overactive at the moment. The solution to this problem is to consistently be in the center of your head, to call back your life force, and to regain your peace of mind—your clarity and balance.

There is a spiritual space in the center of your head, from which you will be able to filter out worldly circumstances and focus on controlling the intensity of your experiences. The center of your head is a place of balance and perspective. It is a place for you and only you. It is comparable to being in a spiritual cocoon. Think of this place as a personal inner space, offering you a bird’s-eye view of the reality of a situation. It can be place of peace, equanimity, and clarity. Maintaining an existence at the center of your head should be an ongoing process. It’s not something done once. Your ability to remain centered is important to your stability and growth.

Steps to Stay in the Center of Your Head

1. Focus your awareness on the center of your head.
2. Imagine a miniature version of yourself located at the midpoint, the point where two crossed lines, traveling through the center, meet.
3. Take time to create a mental picture of this sacred space exactly as you choose. It is your space to design and arrange any way you wish.
4. Imagine a trap door. If persons or issues invade your space, tell them to leave. Then, imagine their immediate evictions.

Remember: the center of your head is your sacred place. You control it, and you are responsible for keeping it free of negativity.

S&H: Can you explain “distant sensing” and do you think it’s something anyone can learn?


Yes! Anyone can learn to be a Distant Sensor. In fact, quite often beginners have fantastic success with successful development of this ability. The reason is because they come as a blank slate and have no preconceived notions or expectations about the ability.

Distant Sensing (also called Controlled Remote Viewing or (CRV) is an advanced psychic skill enabling a practitioner to mentally see objects hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It is an activity whereby the practitioner tunes in to an object, location, or event inaccessible by normal means—regardless of time, distance, or location.

Distant Sensing is implemented when an individual requests a practitioner (a Distant Sensor) to look into a past event or request a visit to a location as it existed in the past. It is also used when someone wants to view or peek at something locked or hidden away. Once the Distant Sensor locates the object or event and views it, the Distant
Sensor will report the revealed information to the individual. The Distant Sensor does this by using a structured process, incorporating written information, verbal statements, or illustrated sketches.

Distant Sensors are often asked to see places or objects situated in unreachable locations, which may be on the other side of the globe. They are also asked to describe events in the past, such as the outcome of Amelia Earhart’s last flight, or a look inside a sealed container or locked room.

The goal of Distant-Sensing efforts is to receive signals and messages from the subconscious mind, with the help of our senses, and then interpret and decode that data to the Sensor’s conscious mind. The signals are said to travel through the Sensor’s subconscious mind and then into the sensor’s consciousness, where it is deciphered into a form
(verbally or materially) that can be reported clearly to others. Psychics with this ability are expected to actually view or see things without previous information or assistance. This is commonly referred to as being blind to the target.

Power Tip from Michelle: The most successful and accurate psychics, mediums, distant sensors or the like have one thing in common: They have perfected the skill of ‘quieting their mind’ while engaged in their spiritual or psychic work. How do you achieve this? Meditate every day. It’s that essential and that simple.

Learn more about what’s inside Take The Leap: What It Really Means To Be Psychic and read the full book review at Spirituality & Health Magazine!


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What is Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)?

Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding. For example, a viewer might be asked to describe a location on the other side of the world, which he or she has never visited; or a viewer might describe an event that happened long ago; or describe an object sealed in a container or locked in a room; or perhaps even describe a person or an activity; all without being told anything about the target — not even its name or designation (Information provided by IRVA.org).

Remote Viewing Requires a Written Protocol – What Does That Look Like?

The Search for Amelia Earhart Remote Viewing Protocol

See a sample of Michelle’s work to find out! eight martinis issue 9

Michelle was involved in a high profile remote viewing project assigned to locate the infamous downed Amelia Earhart aircraft. Read about that exciting project here in Issue 9 of the Eight Martinis Remote Viewing magazine!

In the article, “Amelia – Remote Viewing Search for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and the Electra,” Michelle was part of a group of volunteer remote viewers organized by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith. In search of the truth, the results from the remote viewing sessions challenge the typical media coverage on the topic of missing Earhart, Noonan and the Electra. Read for yourself and decide what really happened.

Find out what really happened to Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan, and the Electra!

Discover How to Use Remote Viewing in Your Life

Do you want to know the outcome of a future event?Vision with Remote Viewing

Did you lose your keys or something valuable and want to find it?

Are you trying to remember a code or lock combination?

Even if that forgotten information dates back to childhood, it can be accessed and recalled.

Remote viewing is a tool through which you can access your intuition. Everyone can learn to remote view! In quieting your mind and allowing subconscious data to come forth through the use of your senses (clairabilities), you can find answers to past, present and future questions.

Michelle offers the Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing course as a 1-hour step-by-step teleclass conducted by phone.

Join Michelle as she guides you through the step by step protocols of the art of controlled remote viewing.

Want more information? See examples of Michelle and fellow remote viewers’ work with the Applied Precognition Project!

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The Intuitive Hour Podcast

This week on The Intuitive Hour: The Necessity of Protection

Psychic protection is as natural and necessary as eating, sleeping and drinking. As you move forward on your spiritual path, you begin to understand and become more aware of the energies around you. It is helpful to establish filters or boundaries as you make the conscious choice to keep your pure positive essence within your space. Be sure to listen in today to learn more about the power of protection!

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Book Signing at LA Times Festival of Books … a success!

The 21st annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books kicked off Saturday at the USC campus, bringing more than 500 authors, celebrities, musicians and chefs who shared their love of books throughout the weekend. I was honored to be part of a dynamic event which included former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, U.S. poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi, YA author Ransom Riggs, religious scholar Reza Aslan and Newbery Award winner Kwame Alexander. Guest speaker Arianna Huffington was a big hit drawing crowds of listeners. It was absolute heaven for book nerds! The two-day festival — the nation’s largest — ran all weekend long. Festival-goers enjoy live music, workshops, cooking demonstrations, Q&A sessions, children’s activities, travel talks, poetry readings and live street art. The event was a wonderful success with long lines of spiritual enthusiast and book lovers patiently waiting for their signed copy of Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic. I’m taking some time to share some of the images taken by supporters at the event. Do enjoy! If you didn’t get to attend, please keep eye on our events page for upcoming booking signings with Hay House at I Can Do It! Conference near you!

An Afternoon with Eckhart Tolle

Recently, I had the experience of a lifetime. My friend and I met with several others this past Monday in a charming little theater in Mill Valley, California. It was a cozy setting with great personality. There were all sorts of interesting artistic odds and ends abound, some spiraling upward into the balcony – all of which created the perfect ambiance for an afternoon with Eckhart Tolle.

It was no surprise that Eckhart wanted to be welcomed onto the stage in silence. As a contemporary spiritualist who teaches presence and ego-less being, this made perfect sense.

I was so very excited but in the same breath, expectation-free. We found ourselves nicely surprised with the unique sense of humor Eckhart carried throughout the day. He even spoke of his human ways. I imagine, as an acclaimed spiritualist and best seller, he is made to be iconic with no imperfections. Yet Eckhart too was born naked and he appeared to be no stranger to this reality. In fun and humor, he shared with the audience his penchant for coffee, occasional wine, and at times a messy home – not what one would expect of a man who has been likened to a Zen master.

Eckhart spoke to the audience from a small, quaint stage. Very simplistic and all black. A short, square table sat to his right. It was big enough though to hold a flower and vase, water to sip on and mediation bells which we had the pleasure to hear the wonderful chime of at the closing of the day. In a unique juxtaposition, Eckhart was surrounded by three giant television cameras (each strategically placed) a plethora of electrical cords traveling every which way, a crew staff and several incredibly large and brilliant lights. It was quite dynamic I thought. Yet all the while Eckhart continued to exude an innate level of stillness, calm and presence. Then again, he did author Power of Now so in hindsight there really was little room for surprise.

As Eckhart opened with the day’s agenda he said, “I may sit up here first and talk to you for three minutes, thirty minutes or three days. I just don’t know yet.” The audience roared in laughter. Clearly, he had little to nothing prepared (at least not in the strictest sense) and was going to speak his teachings impromptu and for however long it felt natural. I recall thinking that was the perfect place to be – just being, teaching and guiding with nothing in tow save for intrinsic spiritual wisdom void of any preconceived expectations, notions or plans. It embodied raw truth.

And he wasn’t done yet. At one point, Eckhart spoke about Star Trek and his sense of the deeper relevance of this wonderfully popular series to human kind. A fellow Treky in the audience took the opportunity to offer the Vulcan salute to Eckhart on stage. Seeing this, Eckhart quickly attempted to return the Vulcan salute. Normally, this salute is done with a raised hand, palm forward with the fingers parted between the middle and ring finger, and the thumb extended. Often, the famous phrase “live long and prosper” is said after it. Unfortunately, Eckhart had some difficulty in forming this sign with his hands and instead accidentally provided the kind man with the middle finger! The audience laughed hysterically.

Eckhart talked of the ripple and the ocean analogy. He expressed his belief that our lives are like the ocean…the ripples on top of the ocean he likened to our thoughts and daily life but the depth of the sea was where our deeper, all-encompassing spirit-self resides. Eckhart expressed that there is only one thing that matters: the ocean, and knowing who you are beyond the mere conceptual level of the ripples.

“The source of enjoying is in the being,” commented Eckhart at one juncture. I liked this statement a lot as it was a good reminder to me to stay present and enjoy and trust in the process of life. It’s not so much about the tangible things in life or the achievement of the goals we set (though those do have relevance). Rather, it’s about the process of getting there that counts most and finding joy in that process.

I found this quote by Eckhart very moving: “What you have not chosen may be exactly what you needed to find your way.” So often, when the hardships or the seeming contrasts in life present we view them as adverse and we long for their quick departure. I loved hearing these words from Eckhart because it tells us to ponder the idea that we do indeed find clarity in the contrast even if we have not chosen that contrast.

Throughout the afternoon, audience members came forward with their unique personal life questions seeking guidance from Eckhart. They each spoke into a microphone waiting for them on top of a raised platform carved out in the center of the audience. There was a question from a mother who was raising two children. She wanted to know how to find balance in the chaos-feeling times of parenthood. Another audience member asked how to stay present when planning for the future. Someone else queried Eckhart on anxiety…she explained she had a good life but was admittedly defensive and had low self-esteem and suffered great anxiety. With care, Eckhart responded insightfully to each. One man stood up to share the deep sorrow he felt having lost his pet of 15 years. He struggled even a year later to release the grief. Eckhart spoke at length consoling the man and at one point explained that with animals “there is less in the way” and so we often find it easier to love them. We “love the inherent goodness in animals” and while we also love this in our human relationships, our ego minds get in the way.

It was such an enriching day of awareness. While I did not have the opportunity to present my own question, I related so closely to all of those that were asked. Many of the issues were those that I, my friends or family members had experienced. A unique reminder to me of how much alike we all really are.

If you have not read Eckhart’s books, Power of Now or A New Earth, you might consider it. They are truly remarkable reads that I found life-altering.


Hello Friends!

We are all continually growing and moving forward in our spiritual growth and development in one way or another. I’m often asked who I learn from. Well, I wanted to take a moment to share one of my own avenues of enrichment. The past 10 days I’ve made it a point to spend time each day learning from some of the leading spiritualists out there today.

The past 10 days I’ve been a part of the Hay House World Summit. You’ve probably heard about the buzz. I’ve found the learning and training deeply rewarding and I’m inspired to share it with you. Some of the best personal development training I’ve been a part of this year is at this amazing event.

Take a look at this page to see the plethora of amazing and talented leaders in the personal growth arena who are teaching, sharing personal stories of accomplishment as well as their secrets to success and spiritual growth.
You’ll see speakers like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Mark Hyman, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, and so much more.

I didn’t have time to see all of the speakers at the World Summit each day. Who does! So, I bought the entire training series.

Get the downloads here

I’m so inspired by the enriching material here, I want to offer a gift to you: If you decide to buy any of the downloads, send over your receipt to me through the Contact page at MichelleBeltran.com and I’ll send you my complete Clair-ability Meditation series valued at $75. This is a gift to you for taking the step to further your growth and education along with me.

I have an iPhone and so I can download the teachings right to my phone. You might find this appealing too. It’s convenient and easy and I can listen from anywhere. Even on my run tonight! Books are available as well …Option 3: The World Summit Teaching Library is perfect if you prefer the books in hand. But I’m sure you’ll find any one of the options really amazing.

We all have goals to reach, dreams to attain, people to inspire. Your ripple effect is much larger than you think….so keep it going! Keep learning and staying inspired. This kind of training and learning matters.




I am so very honored to be an expert for the 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge, brought to you by OMTimes & Gaiam TV! Along with an amazing team of 30 experts I will provide a plethora of guidance and insight in the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual and social health.

Each of these weeks are packed full of insight and learning and will assist you in expanding your consciousness as part of your journey of personal growth. This is a chance to discover your unlimited potential while learning in a safe forum. Spread over a month, these teachings are designed to bring clarity and help you move closer to achieving your deepest life aspirations – most importantly connection with your highest self.

This event is a chance to renew your soul! read more

I’m looking forward to the next 30 days with you so please join me! I will be teaching you about psychic and mediumship development, soul mate and relationship manifestation, body-mind-spirit balance and the Laws of Attraction!

30-Day Conscious Living Challenge Schedule

Week 1 – Tuning Into Your Higher Intuitive Self

What are your clairabilities?

Connecting with your higher self, your sixth sense, and Spirit World requires the use of all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. These senses will be the doorway through which your connection with your intuitive psychic self becomes stronger. Here, you learn to take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level. I call this ‘heightened sensing’. We have 7 clairabilities and during this week you will learn about the first five in bold below:

Clairvoyance – Clear seeing

Claircognizance – Clear knowing

Clairaudience – Clear hearing

Clairsentience – Clear feeling

Clairkinesthesia – Clear touching

Clairgustance – Clear tasting

Clairolfactory – Clear smelling

By the end of this week you will learn how to access these gifts, which you were born with, on your own.  As a special gift to you, each attendee will receive a free 30-minute guided meditation to supplement each days learning!

Our final few days of this week will cover grounding, running energy and prayers of protection. We discuss meditation and the beautiful gift of neutrality and its importance.  Finally, you will learn how you too can connect with the Spirit World and how to receive signs and symbols from your loved ones.

Week 2 – Soul Mates & Relationships

Have you ever felt that you try everything you can to manifest your soul mate, but no matter what you do, it never works for you? Manifesting your soul mate can be confusing with so many ideas about how to do it.

You may find yourself doing one thing and when that doesn’t work, trying another. The common mistakes to manifesting your soul mate are often from being in a place of lack, neediness, and desire to be validated by having someone in your life.

The truth is that you can heal these areas within you, have fun in the meantime, and bring your soul mate dancing into your life. Why would your soul mate be dancing? Life is like a dance. It’s much more fun to dance and enjoy the flow of life than to sit idly by waiting.

This rich and informative week we discuss sexuality, intimacy, and balanced relationships. Join me as we uncover this topic of soul mates at length. Here, you will learn to manifest your soul mate as well as other meaningful relationships into your life space!

Week 3 – Body, Mind, Spirit Balance

This unique and exciting week will be brought to you from the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe, Nevada! You will be joining me (by video) on a sailing trip, a hike and cycling rides in the Sierras as we uncover this important life topic!

Healthy spiritual balance includes ‘body balance’. As a former professional cyclist, I’m so very happy to be providing you with tips, tools and insights that you can you use in your daily life to find and maintain the body balance you desire!

Topics on the agenda are nutrition, fitness, supplements, dance expression, earth elements, the sensual body and much more! Each attendee will receive a personally designed nutritionor fitness program.

Week 4 – The Laws of Attraction!

It doesn’t get much better than this!

I will be teaching you about the Laws of Attraction and how you too, can begin incorporating them into your life, creating the rich life experience you have desired and which is your birthright. Topics will include:

  1. You Are The Creator
  2. You Can Have Anything You Desire
  3. Your Thoughts And Their Power
  4. You Chose To Come Here, And Why
  5. The Power Of Your Emotions
  6. It Doesn’t Matter What They Think
  7. Align Now!

This is a week you won’t want to miss!

Please join me! I look forward to a fun-filled month of co-creating with you!