Psychic Medium Reveals How We Communicate with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Mediumship Messages from Loved Ones

When our loved ones pass away, they often attempt to send us messages for a variety of reasons. Messages can come through a session with a psychic medium or you can receive them on your own. But, you want to know what to look for. Also, Spirit wants to ensure we know they are at peace and they even help safeguard us in certain situations. Signs can come from many different sources, but typically rely on our standard five senses as well as our sixth sense.

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to receive messages from a spirit or a loved one who has passed over to the other side. Signs and symbols from our loved ones happen regularly and in a number of different ways. Once you open the door to those signs and symbols, you will realize they are not just coincidental happenings. Messages come from loved ones in the following ways: Electricity One of the easiest ways spirit come to us is through electricity. Electricity acts as a conductor for spirits. When lights flicker, computers and televisions randomly shut off and on, light bulbs burst, telephones die, and other physical phenomenon occur for no apparent reason, take notice. It may be a spirit attempting to communicate. Stop and take a moment to ask yourself which of your loved ones might be trying to reach you.

Psychic Development: 3 Sensory Ways Our Loved Ones Communicate

Sight, sound, and smell are three main ways our friends and relatives can communicate from beyond our realm. Of course, we can sometimes see and hear strange things around our home, in our workplace, and virtually anywhere we go throughout the day. It is quite possible that these are signs from our loved ones. Some people capture a familiar scent of flowers, perfume, cologne, or another aroma that would be typical for a person that has crossed over.

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The Most Unique Way Spirit Interacts & Brings Psychic Messages

The most unusual sense that we can use to communicate with people from beyond the grave is a peculiar feeling or inexplicable sensation that someone or something is near us. This is usually a comforting and relaxing feeling that lasts only briefly, but leaves a lasting impression.

Dreams, electromagnetic shocks, and unusual occurrences related to electricity or objects are some of the common physical manifestations that our loved ones use to make their presence known. Flashing lights, short bursts of electricity or sudden blackouts are often reported within a family home shortly after someone passes away. Every representation is a welcome sign from loved ones who simply want us to know that they are still thinking of us.

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Specific Types of Spirit & Mediumship Communication


Dreams are one of the best ways to connect with and receive messages from spirits. If you desire to connect with loved ones, simply ask them to come and visit you before you go to bed at night. Then, expect they will come. Don’t try too hard; trust they have heard you and will approach when they are ready. Pay attention to the colors, symbols, words, and people in your dreams. You will know your loved one is communicating because the dream will be more vivid than usual.

Feeling Your Loved One

You may simply feel the presence of a loved one. You may experience a warm feeling or a strong sense that your loved one is nearby. You may feel a chill or a light touch on your shoulder that forces you to turn, finding no one there. It is quite possible that this touch is just one of the ways a spirit is signaling its presence.


Smell is a strong and powerful way a spirit may choose to communicate. You may experience the smell of a great aunt’s cologne or a grandfather’s pipe tobacco. You may even smell odors of shared times and events. These smells may present themselves at the oddest times, signaling the presence of a spirit that wants to be noticed.

Thinking of Them

Recalling or thinking about a departed loved one is an excellent indication that a spirit is communicating with you. This is especially true if the thoughts are strong and happen at an unusual time or in an unusual place. It is quite likely that a loved one is thinking of you at that very moment or coming to let you know he or she is nearby. Our loved ones on the other side know exactly what they are doing, and they have the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

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Coincidence and Synchronistic Events

We are often presented with what might be called a unique, synchronistic event. Be aware of the message. There really is no such thing as coincidence. If you have ever thought of a loved one, are then reminded of favorite song you shared, and later that day, heard it on the radio, it may be the interface of a loved one.


Do you see numbers that seem to repeat themselves? Do clocks stop at a certain time? Do license plate numbers have a particularly important sequence? Do you see a loved one’s birth date routinely showing up? It may be the obvious nudge of an important spirit.

The ways in which our loved ones communicate are as varied and complicated as their personalities. There is no one way for that communication to happen. It can be any one or all of those mentioned above. No matter what means is used to get through to you, it is important not to discount the happening. Be mindful of so-called coincidences. Listen, and open yourself to their needs and ways to interact with you.

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Psychic Medium Teaches You How to Tap Into Your Psychic Powers Using Daydreams

Your Psychic Power of Daydreams: Who Would Have Thought? 

Yes, it is true! Not only your dreams, but even your daydreams can bring psychic and intuitive and psychic messages!

Do you daydream? Do you sometimes find yourself caught up in an object or scene, watching it, absorbing every detail, feeling yourself floating but with all of your attention drilling into the object of your vision?

If you’ve ever experienced moments like this, time out of time when you are somehow more intensely awake than usual but at the same time, more relaxed and peaceful, then you are likely showing a tendency toward clairvoyance.  Clairvoyant is a French term for “clear seeing.” It is used to describe one who can empty their mind of what’s right before them and let images of what has been or what will be into their awareness.  This is a skill like any other and one that can be strengthened with persistence and hard work.

A Psychic Development Daydream Tips

One way to exercise your natural clairvoyance is by practicing visualizations.

Let’s try this now, together:

Choose an object – something pleasant to look at – and observe it for a moment.  Then close your eyes and call the object’s image up in your mind’s eye.  Create it there on the back of your eyelids, or create an imaginary movie screed where it appears – see its shape, its color. Allow the different textures of the object to become clear,  See the way the light falls across its surface.  Imagine it until it looks whole and true in your mind, just as it did when your eyes were open.

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This is visualization and the feeling you have as you create the object in your mind is the same feeling a clairvoyant gets when they allow an image to form that they haven’t called up.  Remember this feeling.  Trying to capture it again and again will strengthen your third eye and open it to your own potential.

When I was very small, my mother did exercises like this with us when we were settling down to sleep.  She would take us on imaginary journeys, describing all of the plants and animals, all of the sights and smells along the way.  We went to jungles, to the ocean, to all manner of places exotic and beautiful.  I would see them as I lay there with my eyes closed, listening to her voice, soft and comforting as it described the scenes that rolled by in my imagination.  This was my first experience of visualization and as a child my mother’s voice would put me to sleep.  Now I can put myself into that relaxed and receptive state which allows intuition and insight to flow.

Using Your Powerful Psychic Tool of Daydreams as You Navigate Your Day

Today, pay attention to the little daydreams you find yourself falling into. Intuitive growth can be significantly enhanced through our day dreams. You will learn quickly that often the information coming through during a daydream can be relevant guidance for yourself, someone you will be seeing in the near future, regarding world events, or to spiritual or other kinds of questions you have been thinking about.

Day dreams happen when the conscious mind lets go for a little while because it is engaged in something—that’s why so often a day dream will occur right in the middle of doing a work project, driving or doing something else where your focus is maintained for a while.

Set the intention to be aware when you fall into a daydream and pay attention to the subject matter. Write down some notes and see what the day dreams meant for you. Was it about you, a future event, a friend or a client? Was it about an issue in your immediate family? Did it appear to make no sense at all?

Herbs and Essential Oils to Enhance Your Psychic Powers

When we are learning to tap into the powers of our psychic mind, we want to enhance and support that with the environment around us. An effective and easy way to support your natural psychic abilities is to add herbs in your diet following herbs and essential oils to your environment.


Mugwort and Poppy Seeds: For increased clairvoyance, clarity in mental image impressions and dreams visions. Just add your food for flavor!

Essential Oils:

Awaken, Cedarwood, and Dream Catcher. Apply one drop topically to Sacral chakra or Third Eye Chakra.

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Next Steps For Your Psychic Learning

Most people are so distracted by their thoughts they can no longer feel the aliveness that their breath brings. So then, the bridge delivering them to their innate wellbeing escapes them. Whenever you can, whenever it comes to mind in your day, center on your breath. It is more spiritually transformative than any book, course, coaching or learning of any kind. And, the expense is nil, save for a few priceless moments of time.

 The first steps in your psychic development include daily meditation, quieting your mind and understanding the power of your breath. Learn more on these topics and much more at The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice at iTunes!
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