5 Secrets to Transform Your Love Life and Find Your Soul Mate

Is there Only One Soul Mate For Me?

We will have many soul mates in our life time. In addition, we will many kinds of soul mates along our journey. Some soul mate connections are in our human experience briefly while others are in place for most or all of our lives. Some are in depth and rich while others are seemingly simple or meaningless. They all matter and have value. There is never and encounter we were not meant to have be it short, long, in depth or seeming surface and simple. Soul mates assist us in shaping our own soul growth and we made an agreement before we arrived on Earth to live out these life experiences together.

Why Isn’t Love Coming? Try Loving You

Most people experience problems in their relationships, and life for that matter, because they don’t love themselves.

It may sound so trite, but it’s true. The doorway to deep, passionate love is by first making you and your  life priority. Too often, it is thought that love means giving up yourself. Losing your sense of identity, setting aside your goals and dreams was never and will never be the way to the love you desire. In the words of Dr. John Gray, “Once you stop loving yourself, you create space for hating yourself.” So, your work: Be in a space of self-appreciation where you honor who you are, what you have accomplished and even what you will accomplish. Let go of the past  Be yourself, speak your mind learn the art of self-expression. In expression comes healing. Finally, let go of past relationship you cling to as an indication of what’s ahead. Bow to the past, only to the extent it has gotten you where you are today. Then, look ahead. The past relationship have caused great growth in you. You are no longer that person you were a year. As such, you will not repeat those past experiences again.

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Five Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate

If you are frustrated with trying to find the love of your life, keep attracting the wrong relationship, and feel like you have some sort of invisible relationship blocks, then learn the steps to finding your soul mate.

  1. Recognize resistance and what change wants to come through it.

Resistance presents itself through our emotions. Pay attention to the emotions that present in you to get clues into what you’re resistant to.

Here are what emotions to look for:

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Doubt

When you fully accept you have resistance, you can dive in deeper to learn more about what’s going on in that area.

  1. Realize how powerful your emotions are to take a stand in your life.

The best guidance you can possibly have is your emotions. Many people see emotions as negative, but, in truth, they are always a part of you. They are essentially the closest you can get to your soul self!

When you learn how to recognize and be aware of your emotions, you take a stand in controlling your life. Your emotions are the right guidance at all times. If you are aware of your Clairsentience (clear feeling), then you know how right your gut feeling is at all times. You can say the same about your emotions because they act as a sign to alert you to what is true for you.

  1. Know that however you are different, it’s okay.

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “Co-Exist.” It has multiple symbols from different cultures of faith on it.

We all have different beliefs. Whatever you believe in may not be the same as another person and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with you because it is more fallacy to think that we have to agree than disagree.

Part of our soul’s intention is to explore and gain wisdom from many different beliefs and experiences, not just one or two. We learn from many.

As you appreciate others for the differences in their beliefs from yours, you honor yourself and the other person. You may even learn a thing or two from them that is explained differently to you than what you originally believed.

  1. Let others off the hook.

Give yourself and others the freedom to be free from expectation. You can’t rely on them for your own happiness. See the good in what they do instead of what they do wrong.

  1. Know you are never alone.

Find what makes you feel like you are alone. When you get to the root cause of why you feel you aren’t loved, you clear out this energy block to finding your soul mate.

After working with many clients in love, relationships, and soul mates, they consistently say that the insight and guidance they receive for relationships is invaluable. When they learn to do it for themselves, they use these secrets to be empowered and continue on their desired paths, what they want to create in life. It is always so touching to see their testimonials for soulmate love and relationship psychic readings.

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Here’s What to Do Next – Finding Your Soul Mate Coaching

A Dynamic Guided Meditation

Listen to this empowering Soul Mate Manifestation Meditation at my psychic development podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice! Are you desiring a deep and meaningful love connection? Do you tire of bringing in the partner who is not a match to you? You’ll want to be sure to join Michelle for this powerful meditation designed to assist you in manifesting your desired soul mate relationship.

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Soul Mate & Life Coaching With Michelle

When you work through these steps, you will notice a transformation in your life. In my Finding Your Soul Mate Coaching program, I help you through these steps and more to bring lasting change and your soul mate into your life. Go check out how you can take a stand in your life through the Finding Your Soul Mate Coaching program today.

Was It a Mistake or Not?

Are you feeling at peace with your choices? Do you feel like you’re second-guessing yourself regarding a decision or choice you made about your life? Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? How do we take seeming mistakes or bad choices and view them through the lens of necessary, positive and even divinely brought? Step into your true voice and release your critical voice as you consider these questions:

  1. Whose idea was it that it was a bad choice?

Do you really believe this was a bad choice or did someone tell you it was? Take a moment now to think of a time when you or someone you know made a choice and despite the opinions of naysayers, stuck with it. In essence, they trusted their own gut and the choice subsequently turned out perfectly fine or even better than fine.

The lesson here perhaps is that there will always be someone who will say things should have been different. Resist accepting someone else’s darker cloak about the choice unless you believe that too.

2. Was this the best choice you could have made at the time?

There is a good chance it was. Consider the choice of marriage at an early age that didn’t last. Often a 20 year old doesn’t know what they might at 40 years old. Regardless, we always do the best we can at each juncture in our lives.

What’s more, you know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that, ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice. There is no shame in putting your best foot forward even if you feel you somehow fell a bit short. You gave it your best shot in the moment with what you had. Find peace with that knowing.

3. What good has come out of the choice?

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, “Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?”

4. What did you learn?

If you learned something, then there is no possible way it was a bad choice. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”

In essence, the benefit of what you learned far outweighed the burden of the seeming poor choice. You might have felt you lost in some way yet on a deeper level you gained tenfold in wisdom – a priceless education.

5. What part of you is saying this was a mistake?

That part of your mind that thinks the choice was bad or a mistake is pure ego. The very intelligent Universe however knows exactly how this seeming mistake fits in perfectly. This experience would not have been brought to you if you were not needing it. As it is so aptly been said, “your arms are too short to box with God.”

Psychic Medium Shares 6 Techniques to Put In Your Spiritual Handy Bag

psychic medium

Intuitive and Psychic Development Includes a Balanced You!

I’m often asked what the most important spiritual tools are to guide one in daily life. I’d like to share a few of those powerful energetic tools. They have transformed my own life and I trust they will be of value to you as well. Let them be avenues to swiftly and easily guide you to a higher vibrational space at necessary points in your day.

Remember, consistency is the key! Make these tools like the air you breathe or the water you drink. They are deep nourishment for your soul self.

6 Techniques to Put In Your Spiritual Handy Bag

1. Ground

Grounding helps you reclaim your life force, your unique soul signature. This is a dynamic tool that connects you instantly with the present. Here are some simple steps to assist you in Grounding.

2. Connect to Your Spirit Guides

This tool is a favorite!

Our spirit guides are there to help, inspire and listen at any time. If you’ll tap into their messages, answers and guidance must follow. You may notice synchronicities presenting in your daily life such as new opportunities, unexpected good news and fun encounters.

The connection with your spirit guides is very gentle, and their communication comes across often in our thoughts. Think of the connection with your spirit guides like you would any other meaningful relationship in your life that you nurture, care for and find time for. The relationship with your spirit guides is no different and requires the same level of commitment. The more time and attention you give to cultivating clear lines of communication with your guides, the stronger your relationship becomes.

The best thing about developing a connection with your guides is that they are aware of exactly what you need at this very moment in your day.  You can count on your guides to supply you with the opportunities you desire as you surmount seeming obstacles, finding your purpose in life.

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3. Connecting to Your Intuitive-Self

Are you feeling lost or not sure what to do about a particular issue? Perhaps there is a challenge of some kind at work or with family you are unsure how to resolve. Or maybe you just desire a pick-me-up in your moment?

Create space for a few moments of silence and go within. Quiet your mind and repeat the mantra, “All is well. I am loved. I am perfect as I am.”

This 30-minute guided meditation also helps connects you to your Infinite-Self. Accessing your higher self brings the guidance you seek. With it comes newfound inspiration and you will find yourself harnessing those aspects of yourself that you rarely use. Most importantly, as you connect to your high self you become happier! Use this Clairaudient Guided Meditation to help you connect.

4. Energy Detector & Prayer of Protection

Some of our thoughts are more than mere thoughts. They are messages from a higher source – guidance. Maybe you’ve stepped into an elevator on your way to work or on a trip and you suddenly feel lower vibrations feelings of annoyance for no reason. You may be tuning into the negative energy of someone near you who is annoyed! You are an energetic spiritual being having a human experience. Because of this, it is common that your body receives lower energies coming from others.

A Prayer of Protection is a great tool to help you ensure only your pure positive energy is in your space. It will also release and return other’s energy back to them with care and grace. Energy protection is as natural and necessary as eating, sleeping and drinking. It acts as a powerful force that wraps you with love and grace, helping you to be better prepared as you embark upon your day.

As you move forward on your spiritual path, you begin to understand and become more aware of the energies around you. It is helpful to establish filters or boundaries as you make the conscious choice to keep your pure positive essence within your space.

Remember, protection is an ongoing, constant process. It’s not something done once. Your awareness of having protection in place throughout your days is essential. Learn more about the necessity of protection.

5. Connect with Your Heart Chakra

When you notice feelings of overwhelm and stress, when you feel pulled in many directions or when tough decisions are presenting at once, make time to tune into your heart space. Your heart space is the captain of affinity. It is the center of your deepest feeling-self, far beyond just an anatomical organ that pumps blood. Here you find ultimate peace, love and light. Tune into it often!

Try this:

In a meditative space, deep breathe for several minutes and go within. Travel behind your heart space. This is where your own unique soul signature is. Connect to this special space by just putting your attention as well as your intention here.  Breathe in and breathe out with your soul signature from here for a few minutes.

You should now feel revived, calm and able to tackle any challenge today. Use this heart space centering tool regularly to link with the source of your deepest awareness in its purest form.

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6. Appreciate

Start your day with this tool! It’s simple, but profound.

Imagine a golden divine ball of love and grace over your head. Fill this divine ball of energy with every bit of pure goodness that you can imagine. Bring in happiness, freedom, peace of mind, joy, forgiveness or even productive project energy. Add in all that you appreciate in life and anything else your heart can imagine. See this beautiful, glowing ball of wonderful energy grow bigger and bigger as you add each bit of appreciation and blessing. Reach up and poke a hole in the bottom of this wonderful bubble and let the energy of it ooze down into your body through the top of your head. Let it lovingly and warmly embrace all of you.

Use this blessing-filled bubble of light and love often. Remember, you’re the creator of your life. Life is not happening to you. The beautiful thing is that while each of these tools creates rich and instant change in your day, others vicariously receive inspiration from you, now inspiring change they are needing in their day as well.

Psychic Development , Maintaining Equanimity and What’s Next

Spiritual and psychic growth requires body, mind, and spiritual wholeness and balance. This trilogy goes hand in hand. Going forward, be mindful of all these techniques you have learned today yet begin to also hold your physical body as sacred and significant. Health and having a high level of physical well-being is an important endeavor. To learn more about the body and mind connections and how it relates to your spiritual and psychic growth visit The Intuitive Hour Awaken Your Inner Voice!

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Psychic Children: Indigo Kids of the Paranormal

Understanding Your Psychic Child, The Indigo

An Indigo child, or psychic child, will express a new and unusual set of behavioral and psychological traits, not seen before. Indigo children are a special soul group that began being born around 1978. They were named Indigo due to the deep blue or violet color of their auras, which indicates a strong spiritual awareness. These children were born more highly evolved than most people, and had a clear access to their right-brain intuitive abilities.

As children, the indigos know how special they are, and expect to be respected. They are nonconformist, and extremely wise beyond their years. They understand the importance of their uniqueness and don’t understand why adults don’t value it. They have higher self-esteem than most children, and often more confidence. Indigos buck against any authority that refuses to give them choices. The old system of “do as I say” without reasons given as to why they should follow a rule never works for them. Indigos are creative, insightful people. If the way it’s always been done doesn’t seem right to them, they will challenge that system and try to rework it. Socially, they feel best when among other indigos, and otherwise feel lost and isolated.

Many Indigos are born psychic, able to see visiting spirits and conversing easily with grandparents and other loved ones visiting from the Other Side. Because much of what goes on around them seems old-fashioned or out of step with who they are, they are often bored and restless. You might hear your psychic child say mature or otherworldly kinds of comments like, “Mommy, When I was in your belly, God told me we were going to live in a home in the mountains one day.”

As adults, the Indigos are having a profound effect on our world. Many are now working diligently to heal people, animals and the environment. Many are spiritual teachers, writers, social workers and leaders in social research and clean technology. Those who survived feeling different and isolated as children have grown into the progressive thinkers the world badly needs.

Does this sound like your child? Does this sound like you? Remember, most Indigo children are born to Indigo Adults.

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Traits of Psychic Children

  • Express a sense of royalty and a deep understanding that it’s their deserving birthright to be here.
  • They have strong desire to be spoken with not at.
  • Prefer eye contact when communicating.
  • There must be freedom of choice in everything – even in their own disciplining.
  • It’s essential to explain things to them. “Because I said so” does not work for Indigos.
  • Intolerant to uniformity, rules and rigid processes.

I spent several years teaching in the Montessori, charter and Native American school systems and here is what I learned:

  • The Indigo student has a short attention span and gets bored very quickly and has very high, almost excessive energy level.
  • There can be an in inclination to quit or give if they feel they have failed in some way.
  • Frustration sets in at times and this is usually when they can’t see the way to manifest their usually awesome and amazing ideas.
  • The Indigo student has a preference toward a particular way of learning, especially in subjects like math.
  • These students are highly creative and do best in an environment that is more investigative and exploratory wherein they can create and learn as they go.

Is this your child’s experience or was it your own growing up?

From my experience as a teacher in the Montessori school system, it was important to honor the student and not the system. The curriculum was flexible and the students had choice regarding how and at what pace the lessons were presented. Collectively, we set the learning standards and classroom organization and structure. Indigo children do best with dignity, safety, respect and a safe place to belong – even at school. Do you know what’s happening in your child’s educational or learning environment?

Teaching Evolved Children

These students have a very high self-worth and at times can be challenging to teach. A teacher based structure, as in many main stream classrooms is too authoritative for the Indigo. This structure doesn’t allow for freedom of choice and respect of personal autonomy.

What teachers of Indigos should know:

  • The Indigo student has a short attention span and gets bored very quickly and has very high, almost excessive energy level.
  • There can be an in inclination to quit or give if they feel they have failed in some way.
  • Frustration sets in at times and this is usually when they can’t see the way to manifest their usually awesome and amazing ideas.
  • The Indigo student has a preference toward particular way of learning, especially in subjects like math.
  • These students are highly creative and do best in an environment that is more investigative and exploratory wherein they can create and learn as they go.

When teaching an Indigo, it is essential to honor the student and not the system. The curriculum should be flexible and the students need choice regarding how and at what pace the lessons are presented. Collectively, teacher and student should establish the learning standards and classroom organization and structure. Indigo children do best with dignity, safety, respect and a safe place to belong. Do you know what’s happening in your child’s educational or learning environment?

A Word on ADHD & Learning Disabilities

Many Indigo and gifted children are falsely labeled with learning disabilities or ADHD. They are quickly treated with medications as there is a sense of not knowing what else to do about the child’s hyperactivity, low performance at school, or out-of-control behavior. Once tested, it’s not uncommon to learn these students actually have very high IQs. If this sounds like your situation, consider seeking out of formal testing through the counselors and psychologists at your child’s school.

Were you an Indigo child? Is your child an Indigo? Does a friend or family member have an Indigo child? It might be time to take a second look.

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Essential Oils to Support Your Psychic Child’s Well Being

Essential oils will be an integral part of your psychic child’s health and wellness and will help them to maintain their high vibrations as they navigate this world they are often a step ahead of!

– To stabilize energy levels, try Rose, Joy, and Harmony apply on drop topically to the sacral chakra area.

– To support the a clear connection to the Divine, All That Is which psychic children have a direct link to use Frankincense. Apply one drop topically to the temples, crown of head, naval, or soles of feet.

– To free the home and school or learning environments free of toxins diffuse into the air Thieves, Purification, or Lemon daily.

– Oils that support restlessness (also described as ADD/ADHD above) apply one drop topically of Lavender or Peace and Calming to the soles of feet at bedtime.

– To support focus and concentration try Peppermint which can be applied topically to the temples and third eye area upon waking or during the day when needed.

What the Parents of Psychic Children Want to Know

As and Indigo child myself and teacher of Indigo children, I realized some basic things about Indigos which nurture an empowering relationship:

  • Make them your partner in raising them in this world.
  • No matter what their age (even as infants) explain everything you are doing to them, even if you think they don’t understand. They do.
  • Indigos need an answer to the why of things. Always be willing to explain the why and how-come of your choices, yet not from an authoritative perspective.
  • Give them choice, choice, choice.
  • Keep your word, don’t react or give orders to them, talk situation over and use “time-outs” if you’ve disciplined them. Be a stable, calm and fair adult for them.
  • Give them praise and understand that belittling them is disastrous.
  • Above all, treat them with respect. Honor their soul as the autonomous and capable human they are.

If you believe you child is an Indigo and want to know more and learn how to support them, click here to check out the book, Indigo Children, in the Marketplace.


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Psychic Medium Shares 3 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate

Spiritual & Psychic Development: Relationships and Soulmates

There is a pervasive misconception that we have only one soul mate.

In reality, we will have many soul mates in our lifetime and throughout our journey. Some soul mate connections only occur briefly, while others are in place for most or all of our lives. Some are in-depth and rich, while others are seemingly simple or meaningless.

They all matter and have value.

There is never an encounter we are not meant to have – be it short, long or in-depth. We made an agreement before we arrived on Earth to live out our journey together and to shape our own soul growth.

Types of Soul Mates

1. Twin Flame – the other part or half of your soul

In most cases, your twin flame is not actually living and they do not experience human life at the same time as you. Rather, they are on the “other side” and are guiding and caring for you from there.

In some cases, this soul mate may indeed incarnate with you. When this happens, you will know this soul mate because the chemistry you share is highly charged. If you are apart from this person, there is very deep longing for them.

However, this person is not necessarily always a good match for you; the similarity is so immense that it makes for a chaotic relationship because you’re too alike. In addition, they generally reflect everything about yourself that you don’t like. To be compatible with this person, each must be very comfortable and at peace with their own higher self.

2. Companion – also known as “Kindred Spirit” or “Teacher Soul Mate”, who comes into your life for a particular reason and duration

They may be friends, teachers or mentors who have presented at particularly challenging times in your life and/or at a time when you may pursuing a very important goal. These soul mates are voices of encouragement and support. This soul mate could even be the person who appears briefly to help when your car breaks down, or that person who magically appears at just the right time to help you in moments of greatest need throughout your life.

3. Twin Souls – people with whom we share a close friendship and feel very comfortable and relaxed with

You have many prior lives with this person, and you will likely live many again with them. This soul mate connection is quite similar to the Companion Soul Mate, however the difference is the bond is stronger and longer. This relationship is often a close friend or family member. There is often a highly spiritual or even telepathic connection with this person, and you may at times feel you don’t even need to use words to communicate. You might also find that your life experiences parallel one another.

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How Do You Find Your Soul Mate?

1. Meditation

When you meditate, set the intention of the desire to meet your soul mate – ensuring that you state this specific intention out loud as a means of releasing it to the Universe. Learn to be aware of any signs, symbols and messages that manifest. They may come in your dreams, through your meditation, or when you least expect it.

2. Count your blessings

You cannot manifest anything into reality from a place of lack, sadness or giving attention to what is missing from your life. So, make lists each day of all the things you love, every thing from the warm socks on your feet, to your health and well-being.

3. Imagine your soul mate is present in your life now

For example, see yourself laughing at the dinner table with this person, traveling together or taking a walk. Say out loud, “I am in a deep-seated, loving relationship with a uniquely wonderful person. I am so happy.”

Whatever the right words are to you, say them. Then, recognize how it makes you feel as you imagine this and say the words you have chosen. Does it bring tears of joy? Chills of excitement? Wonderful! This is where the power lies – it is in how you feel and the intention you release to the Universe.

The Universe does not know the difference between thought and reality, so this exercise of seeing your soul mate in your life as if it were reality is incredibly powerful.

Don’t give up on meeting your soul mate, they really are out there waiting to meet you, help you, or share your life with you. They often come when least expected, however by setting your intention to the Universe, having an open heart, and being thankful for what you have, your souls will collide when they’re meant to.

Do you believe in soul mates, and if so, do you think we have more than one?

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Essential Oil to Promote Relationship Harmony

As the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” so simply desiring a relationship fix on your own may not be enough to salvage what’s been damaged. That said, by thoughtfully pursuing your partner and showing how you genuinely love him or her, you may be able to create inroads for better communication and understanding, not to mention healing, in the future.

Essential oil to support your relationship? Yes! Try the essential oil Lavender to assist in bringing in calming, relaxing and balancing energy both physically and emotionally. It’s a great companion during your relationship journey.

What’s Next? I Want to Attract My Soulmate

Life Coaching with Michelle! Michelle trained with globally recognized spiritualist, Deborah King, to integrate LifeForce Coaching techniques into her own programs. Through LifeForce Coaching, Michelle is now a certified life coach and will help you create harmony in all aspects of your life, teaching you how to connect with your own calling and deepest passions. Schedule your session today!

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