Psychic Medium Teaches You All About Animal Totems and How to Initiate Connection

Psychic Development and Animal Spirit

What Are Animal Totems and Symbols?

Psychic medium explains that animal totems may present for long or short periods of time in our lives. They are directly connected to what is presenting now in your life and/or to lessons that are meant for you.

Tune into whether or not the relationship with your animal totem is meant for a number of days or years. Let this powerful animal relationship lead you forward in terms of new knowledge or awareness about your core traits. Animal totems might be presenting to teach you through emotional aspects such as strength, patience, insecurity, fear, confidence or anger.

The Power of Animal Totems 

In short, animal totems help us to learn about our ultimate truths in life. They may present in meditative space and/or dream space bringing much-needed lessons. It is also common that animal totems are a spiritual tool for you. I.e., when you see this animal it is your spiritual reminder to Ground. The time frame in which a particular animal totem is in your life directly correlates with how well you recognize, learn and then incorporate the knowledge into your life.

As I Develop Psychically, How Do I Connect with My Animal Totem?

Be mindful that your animal totem/s (and we do have more than one) have chosen you! They will present when you are fully and completely ready to accept and realize the lessons in their coming.

Most often, your animal totems are wild animals as opposed to domesticated. This is not always the case but often is. Use your gift of Claircognizance (clear knowing) to discern this. You will know there is a higher knowing message for you when the animal totem presents because there is an unmistakable familiar knowing connected to the presence of the animal. Absolute honor, awareness and respect should be expressed as you are now ready for a new segment in your journey. What a gift!

In time, your relationship with these animal totems grows and as this happens deep trust of the messages come. Eventually take on those imbued characteristics and this assists you in understanding, on a deeper level, the animal kingdom, becoming one with the energy.

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Use Your Intuition As You Consider Your Animal Totem

Consider these questions as this will assist you in finding your animal totem:

Is there an animal that captivated you as a child?

Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal?

What animals do you see repeatedly?

Consider animal traits/characteristics. Which animal most closely associates with your personality?

Which animals do you recognize that you have near you in your home or work space in pictures, song, and artwork?

Use Your Psychic Ability and Connect With Your Animal Totem

As you begin to discover your animal totems, try this meditation:

  1. In a relaxed and upright position, quiet your mind for 10 to 15 minutes then simply state out loud to the Universe, “I would like to meet my animal totem.”
  2. Let yourself be a stream of consciousness, naturally allowing information to float in. Be an observer and just watch what animals or bits of the animal kingdom or even nature float in and out. Remember to use all of your senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and feelings while in this space.
  3. What do you see? Is a forest, stream, mountain top, den or nest of some kind presenting? You may be taken to a region or directly to the home of your animal totem. Tune into the richness of the landscape. Notice the colors, shapes, sizes of things here. Is there running water? Notice the clear and pure nature of the running water. Are there ripples in the water created by anything? Now, smell the fragrance of that place. What does it smell like here? What season is it? Is it Spring? Fall? Winter? What does that smell like? Touch the earth, rocks or trees here. What do they feel like? Is there snow, water, or sand? Reach out and touch this too.
  4. Now, give attention to the sounds near you. Do you hear leaves crunching as an animal approaches? Do you hear chirps, flutters, swooshing, animal calls or other sounds? Animal totems may present in various sizes so be attentive to just the slightest and smallest animal. This may even be a newborn animal of some kind. Is there a sound from this newborn?
  5. When you are ready, ask your animal totem to appear. They may do so in the distance or right in front of you. They might also present clearly and very close you. They may even land gently on your shoulder or hand. They understand your feelings. Now, listen and watch for your animal totem’s messages. Open your heart and mind to greet your animal. Allow the animal, lessons and any messages to arrive at its own pace. Be present with this for several minutes.
  6. The animal totem may be fleeting, meaning they come and go quickly. This is okay. Trust that necessary connection was made.
  7. When you are ready, thank your animal totem and send energy of appreciation. Trust in the relationship and know that your relationship has started and is continuing to grow.

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Are You an Animal Lover? Use Your Intuition and Psychic Ability to Develop Your Connection With the Animal Kingdom

Do you want help connecting to your animal totems? Learn Animal Speak – Understanding Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs to call on the innate medicine of your animal guardians for protection, heal,  uncover your own hidden strengths, and more!

An Afternoon with Eckhart Tolle

Recently, I had the experience of a lifetime. My friend and I met with several others this past Monday in a charming little theater in Mill Valley, California. It was a cozy setting with great personality. There were all sorts of interesting artistic odds and ends abound, some spiraling upward into the balcony – all of which created the perfect ambiance for an afternoon with Eckhart Tolle.

It was no surprise that Eckhart wanted to be welcomed onto the stage in silence. As a contemporary spiritualist who teaches presence and ego-less being, this made perfect sense.

I was so very excited but in the same breath, expectation-free. We found ourselves nicely surprised with the unique sense of humor Eckhart carried throughout the day. He even spoke of his human ways. I imagine, as an acclaimed spiritualist and best seller, he is made to be iconic with no imperfections. Yet Eckhart too was born naked and he appeared to be no stranger to this reality. In fun and humor, he shared with the audience his penchant for coffee, occasional wine, and at times a messy home – not what one would expect of a man who has been likened to a Zen master.

Eckhart spoke to the audience from a small, quaint stage. Very simplistic and all black. A short, square table sat to his right. It was big enough though to hold a flower and vase, water to sip on and mediation bells which we had the pleasure to hear the wonderful chime of at the closing of the day. In a unique juxtaposition, Eckhart was surrounded by three giant television cameras (each strategically placed) a plethora of electrical cords traveling every which way, a crew staff and several incredibly large and brilliant lights. It was quite dynamic I thought. Yet all the while Eckhart continued to exude an innate level of stillness, calm and presence. Then again, he did author Power of Now so in hindsight there really was little room for surprise.

As Eckhart opened with the day’s agenda he said, “I may sit up here first and talk to you for three minutes, thirty minutes or three days. I just don’t know yet.” The audience roared in laughter. Clearly, he had little to nothing prepared (at least not in the strictest sense) and was going to speak his teachings impromptu and for however long it felt natural. I recall thinking that was the perfect place to be – just being, teaching and guiding with nothing in tow save for intrinsic spiritual wisdom void of any preconceived expectations, notions or plans. It embodied raw truth.

And he wasn’t done yet. At one point, Eckhart spoke about Star Trek and his sense of the deeper relevance of this wonderfully popular series to human kind. A fellow Treky in the audience took the opportunity to offer the Vulcan salute to Eckhart on stage. Seeing this, Eckhart quickly attempted to return the Vulcan salute. Normally, this salute is done with a raised hand, palm forward with the fingers parted between the middle and ring finger, and the thumb extended. Often, the famous phrase “live long and prosper” is said after it. Unfortunately, Eckhart had some difficulty in forming this sign with his hands and instead accidentally provided the kind man with the middle finger! The audience laughed hysterically.

Eckhart talked of the ripple and the ocean analogy. He expressed his belief that our lives are like the ocean…the ripples on top of the ocean he likened to our thoughts and daily life but the depth of the sea was where our deeper, all-encompassing spirit-self resides. Eckhart expressed that there is only one thing that matters: the ocean, and knowing who you are beyond the mere conceptual level of the ripples.

“The source of enjoying is in the being,” commented Eckhart at one juncture. I liked this statement a lot as it was a good reminder to me to stay present and enjoy and trust in the process of life. It’s not so much about the tangible things in life or the achievement of the goals we set (though those do have relevance). Rather, it’s about the process of getting there that counts most and finding joy in that process.

I found this quote by Eckhart very moving: “What you have not chosen may be exactly what you needed to find your way.” So often, when the hardships or the seeming contrasts in life present we view them as adverse and we long for their quick departure. I loved hearing these words from Eckhart because it tells us to ponder the idea that we do indeed find clarity in the contrast even if we have not chosen that contrast.

Throughout the afternoon, audience members came forward with their unique personal life questions seeking guidance from Eckhart. They each spoke into a microphone waiting for them on top of a raised platform carved out in the center of the audience. There was a question from a mother who was raising two children. She wanted to know how to find balance in the chaos-feeling times of parenthood. Another audience member asked how to stay present when planning for the future. Someone else queried Eckhart on anxiety…she explained she had a good life but was admittedly defensive and had low self-esteem and suffered great anxiety. With care, Eckhart responded insightfully to each. One man stood up to share the deep sorrow he felt having lost his pet of 15 years. He struggled even a year later to release the grief. Eckhart spoke at length consoling the man and at one point explained that with animals “there is less in the way” and so we often find it easier to love them. We “love the inherent goodness in animals” and while we also love this in our human relationships, our ego minds get in the way.

It was such an enriching day of awareness. While I did not have the opportunity to present my own question, I related so closely to all of those that were asked. Many of the issues were those that I, my friends or family members had experienced. A unique reminder to me of how much alike we all really are.

If you have not read Eckhart’s books, Power of Now or A New Earth, you might consider it. They are truly remarkable reads that I found life-altering.