Special Guidelines for Reading for Different Age Groups and Demographics

As an exceptional psychic or medium, it’s a good idea to have experience working with all age groups. There is a completely different feeling working with someone who is a child, teenager, an adult and a senior citizen. All walks of life bring about a different experience.

Take some time thinking about how it would be like to work with a small child. You will find working with children is magical. They are naturally open to Spirit. The veil has not fallen and they have not had time to be completely brainwashed by our society and media.

Now take some time to think about how it would be working with someone who is very old and who is coming from a completely different era. What would be the challenges? Your vocabulary would need to change slightly and you should be sensitive to their understanding of the afterlife.

Different Nationalities: What would be the challenges of having a reading with someone who is of another nationality or who speaks a different language? For example, if you are reading someone who is of the Asian, Hispanic or Italian decent who did not speak your first language fluently, what would be different or challenging?

Give some quality thought to each of these kinds of sessions and journal about it.

Homework: Challenge yourself to complete two intuitive/coaching sessions this week, even if just 10 to 15 minutes. They can be informal of course. One should be with a small child or senior citizen. Be sure to journal about your sessions, capturing what went well, and what you may do different next time.

Reading Myself & Others: A Tool To Get Accurate Information

Red Light, Yellow Light, and Green Light Tool:

This technique will help you discover truths about questions or concerns in your life and the lives of others, yet in a different way than using your intuition in a reading space.

In a quiet, calm and relaxed place enter in a meditative state. Now, visualize yourself in a beautiful scenic place in nature that feels safe and comfortable to you. When you are ready, imagine three lights in front of you: one red, one green and one yellow. Next, state out loud your question and ask “What is the truth about _________________? (A particular person or situation).

As you ask each question, notice which light brightens most in your mind’s eye. The red light signifies no. The yellow light may mean that there isn’t enough information to make a decision, so you when you see it, you want to attempt to gather more information about the person, and proceed with caution until you can come to a better understanding of the truth.

This simple tool can be a powerful way to know the truth about situations and people in your life, and to unlock the magical abilities within you to lead you in the right direction.

Reading Inter-Personal Dramas

Today, while out in the public ie., at work, a shopping mall, grocery store or any place where people interact, observe the seeming petty dramas that arise between people. Perhaps you’ll observe a mother scolding her child. Perhaps you’ll overhear an angry customer at a store. Maybe you’ll observe people waiting in line impatiently.

This exercise is about seeing into these situations to try and decipher what is underneath them. There are many possibilities, including:

1. The people have a spiritual contract to be in the situation they find themselves in
2. One person is in a crisis situation and having trouble managing emotions
3. A person may be under stress at work or at home
4. Someone may have lost a loved one or had a relationship end

There could be many reasons but the underlying principle is that most times when we find ourselves in these kinds of conflicts or upsets with strangers or with circumstances that irritate us it isn’t the person or the situation but something else that is the source of our upset.

Why does an intuitive/psychic need to be aware of this? First, your friends/family or clients may often have a situation like this going on when you are reading them. It is helpful to be able to spot these things and be able to separate them out from the reading or from the person’s attitude or behavior while in the session. Second, this kind of upset could be very important to the client’s reading— a trigger or some emotional stuck energy that needs to be resolved such as learning patience, better listening and communication or setting healthy boundaries for yourself. Third, since readings are a shared growth for readee and reader, this will help you become more and more aware of how the little upsets occur in your own life and how to avoid creating unpleasant interactions and upsets and maintaining positivity in your day.

Be sure to take some notes and journal what you observe and what you were able to tune into and read from the situation.

An Overview of the 7 Chakras

The Chakras

A very powerful way to open up your psychic awareness is by opening, activating and balancing the chakras. There are many chakras that extend out from the body, and seven basic ones that are based in the body, starting at the base of the spine and reaching up to the top of the head.

Clearing and Balancing the Chakras

You can use chakra meditations to get the chakras opened, aligned and balanced. Mentally see an image of yourself in front of you, and visualize all of your chakras open and balanced with a golden light from the higher realms flowing easily down through all of them.

You can also work with one particular chakra at a time, tuning in to each one individually, as in a healing session. When I do a chakra reading, I start with the first chakra and go up through each one. Pay attention to whatever images, colors or feelings come in as you tune in to each chakra. These are messages about how the energy is flowing or not flowing through that energy center, if you will listen.

It is important to clear any blockages we find in the chakras. When we suppress emotions instead of dealing with and working through them, problems can eventually manifest first on an energy level, then physically, according to what part of the body is affected by that emotional energy.

There are also things we can do outwardly to keep our chakras balanced. To balance the root chakra, for example, go outside and if it’s warm enough, stand on the earth with your bare feet or sit next to a tree. Walk or dance on the earth to reconnect your first chakra to the earth energy that feeds it.

It’s important to remember that though the chakras are valuable energy centers, every single one of the trillions of cells in our bodies contributes to our health and well-being as well. We can create good health and energy just from visualizing the cells in our body as being healthy and well.

The Seven Chakras

NameSpiritual Areas


ColorLocationPhysical Areas GovernedMental/Emotional Areas GovernedAreas of Life Governed
First or

Root Chakra

Our connection to the earth, the physicalRedBase of the spineSpine, legs, feet, kidneys, immune systemSelf-esteem, sense of well-being, family relationshipsMoney, career, home life
Second or Sacral ChakraBeing accepting of others in relationships, creativity, manifestingOrangeLower abdomenStomach, sexual organs, gall blader, liver, spleen, pancreas, mid-spine areaFeelings about power, money, sexualityRelationships – balancing the active and the passive; making choices
Third or

Solar Plexus Chakra

Self-loveYellowUpper abdomenColon, adrenal glandsSelf-image and self-esteem, emotional balance, decisivenessEgo, self-esteem, our sense of ourself in the world
Fourth or Heart ChakraLove, forgiveness, compassion, empathyPinkChestUpper back, lungs, heart, shouldersAbility to release those we love without being possessive, feeling courage or fear, love or hate, calm or angerEmotional connections, relationships, empowerment, ability to heal
Fifth or

Throat Chakra

Divine will, declaring the truthBlueThroatThroat, glands, thyroid, gums and teeth, jawPersonal creativity and expressionSelf-expression, ability to “speak up” for and have faith in one’s self, decisiveness
Sixth or

Third Eye Chakra

Truth, knowledge and wisdomIndigoCenter of the foreheadPineal gland, brain, eyesight, hearing, spine, mental and emotional healthAbility to know the truth, emotional intelligence, mental clarityPsychic or intuitive seeing
Seventh or Crown ChakraHigher knowing, intuitive abilityWhite or VioletTop of the headMuscular and skeletal structure, the skin, physical energy levelsAbility to access divine consciousness, personal identity, trust, personal ethics and valuesLife energy, life purpose, enlightenment, humanitarian interests, inspiration

[From my own reading and from http://healing.about.com/cs/chakras/a/chakra3.htm

The Anatomy of a Reading – How to Conclude a Reading

Concluding a reading can sometimes be difficult.

You will find that people sometimes:

1. Do not want to let go and will keep asking questions or try to get more information;

2. Feel sad or even angry that a specific person did not come through;

3. Get upset at the information that came through; and

4. Want you to provide therapy.

Learning to generously give of yourself and then kindly and professionally demand that your boundaries are respected is a skill that you want to develop. For example, it’s important to be sure to inform clients about the duration of a reading and how and when the reading will end.

Further, be sure to conclude a reading with a thank you, acknowledging your Spirit Guides (as well as the client’s Spirit Guides) for coming through. You also want to give the client a minute or two to sit, think, meditate or talk to you about what they’ve experienced.

In this way, you assist them in processing information, especially information that they were unclear about or couldn’t confirm during the reading. You might also give them a brief process for connecting again on their own, away from the session with you.

Be sure to summarize the session and remind them of any signals or symbols the spirit gave them to let them know they are present.


1. As you go through your day make mental notes of how well you set and keep boundaries in your relationships. Look especially for places in your relationships where you may be allowing others to cross your personal boundaries of time, space, respect or otherwise.

Make note of your impressions and think about ways you can begin to set and maintain clear boundaries. Be mindful that you can set boundaries with care, grace and love. Setting boundaries is an act of self love remember. In addition, you’re teaching others to do the same. Practicing this will assist you when you’re facing situations within a reading where you may need to be firm.

2. Make a brief outline of the conclusion points most important to you and practice this with a friend or client in a reading or coaching-like setting.

3. If faced with one through four listed, think about how you would handle the situation. Just giving thought to the situation will help you navigate it as it arrives.

Practices for Remaining Objective – How To Remain Clear And Not Lose The Connection

So often intuitives and healers are here to do spiritual work involving the loss of others, relationships and/or overcoming financial, health or career setbacks. These can be poignant readings, full of emotion wr9ptvn. You will often naturally fall into the emotions felt by the client — especially if you are strongly empathic.

It is okay to feel their emotion—in fact sometimes it is absolutely necessary! But it is usually not a good idea to get very involved in the emotional experiences of the client or let it overwhelm you.

This can be difficult but keep in mind that when this happens you will often get confused or unclear and lose the connection or fail to get really important evidential information. In these situations you need to be objective and clear so you can get the information that will being healing and relief to the client.

Try this exercise to help you stay neutral, unemotional and balanced while in a reading:

1. Close your eyes and think of someone you loved very deeply who has passed—tune into the emotions you felt when they passed or at their funeral or when you got the news. Feel deeply into those emotions. After a few minutes open your eyes and write about the feelings and emotions you experienced and use as much detail about your feelings as you can.

2. Now write about this person’s passing as if you were the obituary writer for the newspaper. Report the facts, tell the story but without emotion.

3. Next, make a few notes about the difference between the feelings you experienced when writing about this loved one from the two perspectives.

When you’re in a reading with another, you’re merely an observer or reporter. Once you become overtaken by emotion, it is an indication you have dropped into your heart center, and are no longer in your third eye (center of your head).

This clouds accuracy. Catch yourself and then simply move back upward into the center of your head. You may ask your Higher Self to bring you clarity, accuracy and neutrality as you do this.

How To Begin To Prepare Yourself For A Reading Or Coaching Session

Are you providing readings and/or intuitive coaching sessions to others? Do you have a desire to do this? The next few weeks will focus on the Anatomy of a Reading. You’ll receive tips into the actual mechanics of a client readings and coaching sessions, including how to prepare yourself and a client for readings, the different characteristics of phone-based versus in-person readings, group readings and how to conclude a reading.

Be sure to check out our Intuitive Development courses for in depth learning on this topic!

How To Begin To Prepare Yourself For A Reading Or Coaching Session

1. Do a brief meditation to put yourself in the proper frame of mind. You may choose calming music to assist you.

2. Be in a calm and open mental space.

3. Bare feet flat on the ground, palms facing up in a position of receptivity and sitting in an upright position, meeting this time with dignity, care and grace.

4. State a Prayer of Protection, Ground, Run Energy, be in Neutrality (center of your head). Learn more about each of these at my podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice.

5. Be aware of you body and each of your senses. Set an intention to link with each sense: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing and smell. Your senses are the seat of the reading and through which messages will come.

6. Access your Reading Screen. Learn more about this at my podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice.

7. Make sure you have a quiet space to perform this reading.

Homework: Create a brief checklist for preparing reading space. Ask yourself how you want to create your quiet space with little or no interruption,

Can take 40 mg levitra Balance the Beat

Everything, no matter if it’s animate or inanimate, has rhythm. When we are in harmony with these rhythms, life is in balance. You can create balance in your life when you take the time to discover your own beat. Once you’ve found it, you can then expand your awareness to merge your inner pace with the pace of the world.

The way to discover the rhythm of an object or a person is to first become still. Imagine there is a tempo emanating from it and then visualize what it would feel like to synchronize your internal vibration with the energy of that other beat. This practice will allow you to connect intimately on an energetic level with any object.


1. Choose one object that you want to connect with.

2. Close your eyes and visualize it in front of you.

3. Pretend that it’s making a rhythmic sound.

4. Imagine that you’re now attuning to the sound the same way that you match movement of a dance partner or tap your fee to the music you hear on the radio.

5. As you do so, notice of you’re aware of any messages or feelings emanating from the object.

The more you practice this exercise, the more you’ll be able to connect to the consciousness of the world around you! Enjoy!

Nothing Is More Important Than Feeling Good!


Any time you are not feeling good, you are out of alignment with your Higher Self. Setting an intention of ‘continually’ focusing on good feeling thoughts is paramount. As you grow spiritually it will be a natural by product to begin thinking this way. You won’t even need to try.


Today, it is your homework to simply become aware of lower vibration energy moments when you catch them presenting.

  1. As you move through your day, stop often and restate your intention to stay aligned with your Higher Self by allowing only good feelings and thoughts.
  2. State out loud to yourself at various points in your day, “It is entirely up to me to feel happy and good. It is my choice to feel good. No person has the ability or responsibility to make this very important connection for me.”

Remember, any relationship in your life is enhancing the alignment you already have, and they are not a means of accomplishing that alignment. Remind yourself today to focus on loving yourself.

Resist asking others to do this first. They cannot. To be loved by another, you must love yourself fully first. At the end of your day, journal any thoughts, feelings or outcomes this exercise brought.

Animal Totems & Guides – Spiritual Tool To Lead You Forward

Animal totems and guides may present for long or short periods of time and are directly connected to what is presenting your life and/or what lessons are meant for you now. Tune into whether or not the relationship with your animal totem is meant for a number of days or years. Let this powerful animal relationship lead you forward in terms of new knowledge or awareness about your core traits.

Animal totems might be presenting to teach you through emotional aspects such as strength, patience, insecurity, fear, confidence or anger. In short, animal totems help us to learn about our ultimate truths in life. They may present in your meditative space and/or your dream space bringing much-needed lessons.

It is also common that animal totems are a spiritual tool for you. I.e., when you see this animal it is your spiritual reminder to Ground. The time frame in which a particular animal totem is in your life directly correlates with how well you recognize, learn and then incorporate the knowledge into your life.

Consider these questions. This will assist you in finding your animal totem.

  • Is there an animal that captivated you as a child?
  • Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal?
  • What animals do you see repeatedly?

Meditation Assignment:

  1. Meditate and quiet your mind for 10 to 15 minutes using your tools of Grounding and Running Energy.
  2. State your Prayer of Protection.
  3. Then, state out loud to the Universe, “I would like to meet my animal totem.”
  4. Let yourself be a stream of consciousness, naturally allowing information to float in.
  5. Be an observer and just watch what animals or bits of the animal kingdom or even nature float in and out from a place of neutrality.

To learn more about psychic development with Michelle, visit Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic