Psychic Medium Reveals Powerful Techniques To Interpret Your Dreams

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Psychic Development and The Value of Dreams

Sigmund Freud called dreaming “the royal road to the unconscious.” As you take on the challenge of becoming a psychic, you will learn the importance of dreams and the valuable messages they

Dreams have an unfathomable ability to deliver profound messages, spiritual insights, and guidance, unlike other avenues of mental access. To make the most of what you are learning, take note of every new feeling and emotion immediately after a dream; you may wish to revisit them later.

Consider, with clarity of thought, the meanings and ideas your dreams are suggesting. Dreams are an additional path leading to spiritual growth. They are proof that your perceptive abilities and powers of discernment are increasing. Your dreams will take different forms; they may be prophetic in nature, with stronger than usual impact. Some of your dreams may involve interchanges between you and a loved one who has passed. They can act as an avenue to provide an easy, relaxed space for such encounters to occur. Each form of a dream is a message. Dreams prove there are few limitations to what we can comprehend through the psychic influences of the subconscious mind. Every opportunity to dream allows your astral body to leave the constraints of this conscious
world and enter higher vibrations and dimensions—dimensions where all existence is limitless and timeless.

Psychic Functioning: Why Do We Dream?

We dream because we need to. Dreams are part of our physiological and psychological makeup and are necessary to our mental and physical well-being. Humans cannot replenish their bodies or maintain their mental faculties without reaching the magical state of rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) sleep—the level that allows us to dream.

Dreaming signals the proper release of chemicals and hormones our bodies need. If sleep weren’t essential for us, we would have evolved beyond the need to dream long ago.

Dreams are a vehicle to help us align our emotional selves. We are able to act out unpleasant experiences, find the reasons for them, and soften their affects. Dreams also help us to problem-solve. We’ve all heard the phrase, “I need to sleep on it.” Somehow, when our minds relax to sleep and dream, we wake with solutions we were unable to imagine without the benefit of sleep. That is why it is a good idea to keep a pen and paper by your bed, so you can record solutions before they are forgotten.

Paul McCartney came up with the words to the Beatles hit song Yesterday while in a dream state. Albert Einstein captured the theory of relativity while in a dream state. The inspiration behind the creation of the sewing machine came from a dream. So the dream state is a way to solve problems, as well as a schoolroom for great ideas, innovations, and inspiration!

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Accessing Your Psychic Ability: Four Steps for Interpreting Dreams

  1. Pay attention to the feelings you get in your dreams. Feelings are an indication that something is important, dangerous, or worthy, and they are an emotional link to persons, places, or events in the dream. Take time to make any relevant and necessary connections; they are messages. As you become more in tune with your dream space, you will want to expand your investigation of dreams and your connection to them.
  2. Trust that dreams have meaning. Ask yourself, how does this dream pertain to me or have meaning to my conscious life? Trust that knowing the implications of a dream may take time. The delivery of dream messages is transcendent, and over time, the meaning will come. Those who make it a point to study their dreams often keep a dream journal they can refer to later, when an insight about a particular dream eventually presents itself. Keeping a journal ensures that every detail about a dream has been recorded, making it possible to associate those details with the essence of its possible message. That way, no point is forgotten.
  3. Know that dreams have applications to the past, present, and future. Dream messages aren’t always about what is currently happening in your life or the lives of those you know. They can bring messages that warn of past behaviors, give meaning to past events, or point out the importance of past activities. They can also be prophetic in nature. Much can be learned through information made available by dreams; it should not be ignored.
  4. Look for the relevancy of a dream. Question the information in your dreams, and search out what is most useful and valuable. Question whether any connection can be made to other events in your life or the lives of others. Dreams are not just random thoughts or ruminations. They are transmissions from the universal matrix. Important things happening in your waking life can instigate a dream. Matters in your waking life are often crying out for answers and explanations. Dreams often have those answers.

Additional Psychic Development Tips to Enhance Your Learning

  • Tune into the feelings of your dream, and other insights will come.
  • Give your dreams the level of importance they deserve.
  • Create your own dream dictionary or book of symbols.
  • Remember: you are the best person to interpret your dreams.
  • Trust that dreams serve to enrich your life.

Remember: your dreams are a valuable and rich source of guidance and information. The depth of your spiritual connection to all that exists in this world and the world beyond is expanded through dreaming.

As a Budding Psychic, Create a Book of Symbols

The best person to interpret your dreams is you. Years ago, people would consult a dream encyclopedia, manual, or dictionary in which everything that could happen in a dream was cataloged, along with a corresponding interpretation. While the attempt at this type of dream interpretation was honest, the application was so general that it was impractical and irrelevant to the seeker. The best way to get a handle on knowing whether incidences—recurring or not—have a particular meaning is to create a book of symbols pertinent to only you.

First, make it a point to have a journal or notepad nearby before you go to bed. Second, pay close attention to any images that stand out in your dream, and immediately, upon waking, jot them down. Pay attention to colors, sounds, the setting, objects such as a car, house, or water, and even other people. Most importantly, be mindful of any emotions that present in your dream. Often it is the last dream before you awaken that will be the most meaningful for you. Lastly, connect any of those images, happenings, or ideas to your waking life that appear to be strongly associated. These associations will be apparent each time a dream experience occurs. Your book of symbols will be an accumulation of documented information and will serve as your reference for interpretations.

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I Think I’m a Prophetic Dreamer: How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

Great! You must first begin to be more aware of your dreams. Information in dreams comes to you when it can’t reach the waking mind. So develop the facility for recalling dreams. A dream journal can help make you more able to recall the higher vibrational messages delivered to you in your sleep.

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Psychic Medium Reveals 5 Powerful Techniques for Relationship Balance

psychic medium

Psychic Medium Asks: What It Means to Be Psychic: Relationships

All new endeavors around psychic medium begin by having a clear perception of who you are—your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, emotions, and desires. Self-actualization is the foundation upon which you build an understanding of people and how they perceive you. It gives you the capacity to recognize where you belong in the universe and what role you are meant to play. Psychic development and developing self-awareness is important in all aspects of your life here on earth. It means cultivating meaningful relationships and acquiring a sympathetic and empathetic sense for your fellow men and women. When you direct and monitor your behavior to foster positive relationships and work to improve your own shortcomings, you learn to tolerate and forgive the misgivings of others. When you understand the troubles and challenges of your own personality, you learn the meaning of being helpful to others.

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Intuitive Development Includes Relationship Equanimity and Balance

Whether you’ve been fighting for months or didn’t even know there was a problem, breakups are never easy. As magical as it feels to fall in love, that’s how devastating it feels to know your relationship is falling apart. What can you do? If you still love your partner and want to mend your relationship, the good news is, you do have hope. “Even if you feel like a victim, you play a role in setting up what is and isn’t acceptable in your [relationship],” says interpersonal relationship expert Dr. Phil. While there aren’t any guarantees that you will restore the failed connection, there is a good chance that things can turn around for the better, especially if you’re willing to work at it. With that in mind, here are five steps to take to win back your loved one, build bridges for communication and restore a relationship that’s been breaking. When you want to get back what you’re losing, these are the ideas to try:

  • Start with Yourself. Before you even approach your partner, take a good look at your own motives for doing so, as well as your own actions that have contributed to the problem. Why do you want to reconcile — because you’re afraid to be alone? Because you have been with the person so long? Because you are afraid of what your family and friends will say? If your reason for reconciling isn’t love for your partner, take some time to think about whether or not reconciliation is truly worth pursuing. Staying together because of what others think may not be enough to sustain your relationship long term. Likewise, before going to the person, ask yourself what the problem is. How did you contribute? Did you legitimately do something wrong? How have you hurt him or her? If you realize you’ve erred in a clear way, be ready to accept full responsibility, apologize and seek to make amends for what’s happened.



  • Think through the Conflict. If your partner has already expressed to you what problems have led to relationship failure, think through what root issues are at work. What are you actually fighting about? “The reasons may be obvious, including infidelity, frequent fights or disagreements about key issues such as money, marriage or children,” says Sally Murphy at “In some cases, the failure may stem from smaller and more subtle problems.” If you haven’t been able to talk yet about what’s going on, be prepared to listen to your partner and try to understand his or her perspective.

  • Talk to Each Other. Talk to your partner in the most non-confrontational, loving way you can and try to talk through your problems. Practice bridge-building communication skills such as attentiveness, affirmation and de-escalation. Apologize for your mistakes. Listen thoughtfully when the other person talks. If you tend to yell when you’re fighting, make every effort to stay calm this time — go to a public place if that will help, where you’ll be more aware of your surroundings and less likely to freak out. Remind yourself of why you’re trying to reconcile and let that guide your discussion. “Couples who are good communicators stay with one issue at a time and talk about what they need from each other in the present,” says Dr. Randi Gunther at Yahoo. “They don’t try to persuade the other of a position that will be satisfying to them at the expense of the other.”
  • Get Help. When one-on-one conversation won’t lead to reconciliation, try going to a neutral third party like a professional counselor who can help you both reach better understanding. Often, this can remove some of the heightened emotions from the situation, when you both learn to look at your relationship from a more detached, neutral point of view. Likewise, the counselor can provide advice and counsel that is easier to receive than from a person with whom you are fighting.
  • Be Willing to Change. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 20 years already; it’s never too late to renegotiate your dynamics and set new patterns. You may even want to put a new agreement in writing so it’s “SUPER DUPER clear,” says Lissa Rankin at When you both come to terms you can agree on and collaborate in making, it puts you on the same page, both working toward an improved connection.

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As the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” so simply desiring a relationship fix on your own may not be enough to salvage what’s been damaged. That said, by thoughtfully pursuing your partner and showing how you genuinely love him or her, you may be able to create inroads for better communication and understanding, not to mention healing, in the future.

Essential oil to support your relationship? Yes! Try the essential oil Lavender to assist in bringing in calming, relaxing and balancing energy both physically and emotionally. It’s a great companion during your relationship journey.

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Eckhart Tolle T.V.

Dear Friends:.

With his New York Times bestselling books A New Earth and The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle has introduced millions of people worldwide to the riches available in this very moment. In response to what he calls “the evolutionary impulse” to assist in our collective spiritual awakening, Eckhart has launched a pioneering new medium that makes his teachings available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. invites you to experience the transformational wisdom of this visionary teacher through:

-1 week Risk-free trial membership available.
-Unlimited access to a private seminar series, with each issue featuring a new and exclusive 60 to 90-minute streaming video with Eckhart Tolle
-Live guided meditations led by Eckhart once a month, connecting individuals in presence in more than 130 countries
-Unlimited access to an online community to interact with members worldwide
-The ability to submit personal questions to Eckhart—and become eligible for a seat in the audience during recording sessions

Many people agree that humanity is at a critical juncture, one that is unprecedented in our history. According to Eckhart, the primary purpose for each of us is to take responsibility for our personal awakening and how we express that in the world. gives us a tool to support us in this important task. If you’d like to learn more, follow this link to see Eckhart talk about his inspiration for

Warmly, The Readings With Michelle Team

Psychic Medium Teaches You to Discern Life Choices: Was it a Mistake or Not?

Psychic Medium Talks About Life, Choices and Seeming Mistakes

We will all, at one juncture or another throughout our lives, make choices that seem like mistakes. Some of us may even feel like we  make one mistake, after another, after another. But, is it really a mistake? Do we not better discern what we do and don’t want through experience – what some of us could be calling a mistake. What’s more, we are all a work in progress, growing and learning. We are human, after all, and designed by nature to be imperfect.

Before being too critical of ourselves about our life choices, let’s stop short of naming them mistakes until we consider a few things…

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Good or Bad Choices

Are you feeling at peace with your choices? Do you feel like you’re second-guessing yourself regarding a decision or choice you made about your life? Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? How do we take seeming mistakes or bad choices and view them through the lens of necessary, positive and even divinely brought? Step into your true voice and release your critical voice as you consider these questions:

1. Whose idea was it that it was a bad choice?

Do you really believe this was a bad choice or did someone tell you it was? Take a moment now to think of a time when you or someone you know made a choice and despite the opinions of naysayers, stuck with it. In essence, they trusted their own gut and the choice subsequently turned out perfectly fine or even better than fine.

The lesson here perhaps is that there will always be someone who will say things should have been different. Resist accepting someone else’s darker cloak about the choice unless you believe that too.



2. Was this the best choice you could have made at the time?

There is a good chance it was. Consider the choice of marriage at an early age that didn’t last. Often a 20 year old doesn’t know what they might at 40 years old. Regardless, we always do the best we can at each juncture in our lives.

What’s more, you know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that, ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice. There is no shame in putting your best foot forward even if you feel you somehow fell a bit short. You gave it your best shot in the moment with what you had. Find peace with that knowing.

3. What good has come out of the choice?

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, “Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?”

LIFE COACHING & PERSONAL GROWTH: Psychic Medium Shares 6 Techniques to Put In Your Spiritual Handy Bag

4. What did you learn?

If you learned something, then there is no possible way it was a bad choice. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”
In essence, the benefit of what you learned far outweighed the burden of the seeming poor choice. You might have felt you lost in some way yet on a deeper level you gained tenfold in wisdom – a priceless education.

5. What part of you is saying this was a mistake?

That part of your mind that thinks the choice was bad or a mistake is pure ego. The very intelligent Universe however knows exactly how this seeming mistake fits in perfectly. This experience would not have been brought to you if you were not needing it. As it is so aptly been said, “your arms are too short to box with God.”

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Guidance from Spirit Guides

We all have moments in our life when we need a little help. Sometimes guidance comes from loved ones, both alive and those who have crossed over, but we can also find support and advice from our spirit guides. These guides are our friends when we need companionship, our mentors when we need guidance, and our guardians when we’re in situations where we need help. Some of these guides are with us always, while others only accompany us temporarily or when we’re in specific situations. Each can manifest as male or female, and appear differently for each person.

Best Friend Guides

Our closest of these allies are described as “best friend” guides. They are with you most often, aiding during times of stress, providing comfort, helping you make choices and reminding you to laugh and enjoy life. They have a deep understanding of what you’re dealing with.

Scholar or Wisdom Guides

When we need to teach, study, learn, or educate we find ourselves in the company of our “wisdom” or “scholar” guide. Always with insight, knowledge, and advice that you can trust completely, this guide is your mentor in all things intellectual.

Body Balance Guide

The “body balance” guide is there to nudge you toward choices that are good for your body. This guide is a close ally to healers and energy workers, but is more a voice of reason dealing with fitness, medical care and diet.

Guardian Guide

We sometimes find ourselves in dangerous or unhealthy situations. This is where the “guardian” guide comes in. They are our spirit warriors and protectors, delivering messages of warning. Call on them when you are afraid, and they will defend you.

Developing a relationship with our spirit guides is rewarding, and while we all have the knowledge inside of ourselves to know what is right for us, it can be of great comfort to know that we’re never alone.

Learn More About Your Spirit Guides with Intuitive Life Coach Services

Part of my mission in life is to help my clients develop their psychic abilities. In psychic development classes I offer, I help you get in touch with your spirit guides and begin to form a relationship with them. You can also choose to work with me through intuitive life coach services for readings that will help you learn to develop your psychic abilities.

Psychic Medium Teaches You All About Spirit Guides and How to Initiate Connection

psychic medium

Fundamentals of Psychic Development: What Are Spirit Guides?

Connecting with your spirit guide is a relatively simple process but one that can confuse those who are new to meditation and spirituality. As a psychic medium let’s go over some ways you can connect to your spirit guide quickly and easily as well as how to communicate with them more clearly. By learning about your spirit guides, you can work with them in psychic abilities training to increase and open your abilities.

Spirit guides are entities designed to help and advise you on this physical plain of existence. Your guides—everyone has more than one—were given to you before you were made flesh. They are non corporeal beings, assigned by the universal mind to travel alongside you while you exist on this earth. They are responsible for helping you navigate your way through life, expand your realization of your higher self, and make your journey easier. Spirit guides advise, nudge, comfort, and of course, guide. Their purpose is not to do things for you or make your decisions; they are there just to guide and inform. They are kindly entities, specifically concerned with your good—nothing more.

There are spirits of the departed, like loved ones who have passed on, engaged in helping and guiding, but they are not spirit guides. Spirit guides are different and should not to be confused with guardian angels or angels of any kind. The best explanation for spirit guides is to say they are entities, composed of energy, which do not have substance and which are often directed to aid your higher self.

Spirit guides are uniquely able to help where intuition is not. This is because spirit guides know all that has been and is now going on in your life. They are entities that may or may not work in concert with other guides on your behalf. They may appear to have male or female characteristics, but they are neither male nor female. Those characteristics are there to aid your human understanding and to give you something with which you can easily identify.

As I Develop My Psychic Abilities How Can Communicate With My Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides also communicate in a unique way. They come across through thoughts—strong thoughts. They send messages in the same way messages are sent to Spirit Interactors (mediums). Know that their connection with humans is always gentle. You should think about it as receiving a message unlike intuition or mental insight. It is stronger and more directed than that. The best way to think of spirit guide connections is to think of them as concerned messages with direction.

Spirit guide relationships are also unique. They are relationships you should cultivate as any other meaningful and important relationship requiring nurturing and caring. A spirit guide relationship needs the same level of commitment and time any significant relationship requires. The more time and attention you give to cultivating open lines of communication with your guide, the stronger your relationship will become.

In Your Psychic Development Learn About the Types of Spirit Guides

Best Friend Guide

Your best friend guide will be your main guide. It will be the one with whom you will spend most of your time and have most of your interaction. This guide is similar to a friend. It behaves like a
companion, bringing comfort, laughter, and joy. It is around to remind you to handle situations with kindness and diplomacy. It is there to remind you to take a breath when things go wrong and to be patient with things difficult to change. This guide advises when choices involve your happiness. It is believed that this guide has lived a human life; because of this, it understands all you are experiencing and what the outcomes of decisions may be.

If you need a little boost to balance your day or to reignite your clarity of thought, your best friend guide is the one to help. If you find yourself a bit down about, expect your best friend guide to appear and prompt you to rethink your situation. It will remind you to laugh.

Remember: your best friend guide is always present.

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Guardian Guide

The job of your guardian guide is to keep you aware, forewarned, and safe. This guide often comes with messages of caution and warning. Think of the guardian guide as your chief protector. If you have a feeling cautioning you, it is probably your guardian guide, instructing you to be careful.

Wisdom or Scholar Guide

The wisdom or scholar guide is the teacher. If it were a being living on earth, it might take on the form of a wise old man with profound insights. It might be an individual with incomparable wisdom, whom you would find easy to trust. If you have questions about learning, education, or philosophy, this is the guide who will assist you. It is the spiritual guru, versed in education and learning.

Body-Balance Guide

We have only one physical body, and it is sacred. The body-balance guide is concerned with your health and wellness—your diet, exercise, and medical care. If you hear a voice advising, “That is not a good choice for your body,” listen. It is your body- balance guide giving you a nudge.

Short Term Guides

It is possible to ask the universe for short-term guides to help you. These are guides with a particular skill or information. If you are writing a book, then you may want to call on a guide skilled in that area. If you are preparing for a test, you may need a guide with expertise in that particular field of study.

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How to Make Initial Contact with Your Spirit Guide

  1. To establish first contact with your spirit guide, find a quiet area and sit in a relaxed position. This is necessary to achieve the meditative state where you and your spirit guide will meet for the first time.
  2. At this point you’ll state a prayer to invite your spirit guide to contact you. An example would be something along the lines of “Spirit guide I invite you into my space. I would like to establish a dialog of open, clear communication with you.”
  3. Once you’ve sent the invitation you must listen and trust your spirit guide to contact you. Remember, you must be patient. This is a high vibrational relationship and communication may not be clear at first. The key is to not try too hard and let messages and guidance come naturally.

Your Spirit Guide’s Name

I’m often times asked by my clients how I can know my spirit guide’s name. To know your spirit guide’s name simply ask them during mediation and trust the first name that comes. Keep in mind that knowing your spirit guide’s name is not always of importance and some people communicate with their guide their whole life without knowing their name.

Learn More with Psychic Development Training

All kinds of spirit guides, as helpful as they are, can’t and won’t make decisions for you. They’re available only to assist you. There is a conundrum about the effectiveness of guides. Because we have a deep, intuitive knowledge about what is right for us and what is right to do, we don’t always need a voice outside of ourselves—spirits, spirit guides, or anyone else—telling us what to do. But because human beings tend not to obey those things they know to be right, other entities often need to intervene to reinforce the necessity for doing what is right. Insecurity over a decision may not be valid. Dig deep within, and the choice will always be clear. Just remember to make choices that meld with your own goals and needs—not the goals and needs of others. The good news is that if you think you need the advice of a guide, you can have one whenever you choose.

If you’d like to learn more about; psychic medium and how to connect with your spirit guides and other courses for psychic development training, check out my tele-courses and development programs!

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Psychic Medium Reveals How We Communicate with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Mediumship Messages from Loved Ones

When our loved ones pass away, they often attempt to send us messages for a variety of reasons. Messages can come through a session with a psychic medium or you can receive them on your own. But, you want to know what to look for. Also, Spirit wants to ensure we know they are at peace and they even help safeguard us in certain situations. Signs can come from many different sources, but typically rely on our standard five senses as well as our sixth sense.

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to receive messages from a spirit or a loved one who has passed over to the other side. Signs and symbols from our loved ones happen regularly and in a number of different ways. Once you open the door to those signs and symbols, you will realize they are not just coincidental happenings. Messages come from loved ones in the following ways: Electricity One of the easiest ways spirit come to us is through electricity. Electricity acts as a conductor for spirits. When lights flicker, computers and televisions randomly shut off and on, light bulbs burst, telephones die, and other physical phenomenon occur for no apparent reason, take notice. It may be a spirit attempting to communicate. Stop and take a moment to ask yourself which of your loved ones might be trying to reach you.

Psychic Development: 3 Sensory Ways Our Loved Ones Communicate

Sight, sound, and smell are three main ways our friends and relatives can communicate from beyond our realm. Of course, we can sometimes see and hear strange things around our home, in our workplace, and virtually anywhere we go throughout the day. It is quite possible that these are signs from our loved ones. Some people capture a familiar scent of flowers, perfume, cologne, or another aroma that would be typical for a person that has crossed over.

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The Most Unique Way Spirit Interacts & Brings Psychic Messages

The most unusual sense that we can use to communicate with people from beyond the grave is a peculiar feeling or inexplicable sensation that someone or something is near us. This is usually a comforting and relaxing feeling that lasts only briefly, but leaves a lasting impression.

Dreams, electromagnetic shocks, and unusual occurrences related to electricity or objects are some of the common physical manifestations that our loved ones use to make their presence known. Flashing lights, short bursts of electricity or sudden blackouts are often reported within a family home shortly after someone passes away. Every representation is a welcome sign from loved ones who simply want us to know that they are still thinking of us.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT: Intuitive Messages Signals and The Mind Body Connection

Specific Types of Spirit & Mediumship Communication


Dreams are one of the best ways to connect with and receive messages from spirits. If you desire to connect with loved ones, simply ask them to come and visit you before you go to bed at night. Then, expect they will come. Don’t try too hard; trust they have heard you and will approach when they are ready. Pay attention to the colors, symbols, words, and people in your dreams. You will know your loved one is communicating because the dream will be more vivid than usual.

Feeling Your Loved One

You may simply feel the presence of a loved one. You may experience a warm feeling or a strong sense that your loved one is nearby. You may feel a chill or a light touch on your shoulder that forces you to turn, finding no one there. It is quite possible that this touch is just one of the ways a spirit is signaling its presence.


Smell is a strong and powerful way a spirit may choose to communicate. You may experience the smell of a great aunt’s cologne or a grandfather’s pipe tobacco. You may even smell odors of shared times and events. These smells may present themselves at the oddest times, signaling the presence of a spirit that wants to be noticed.

Thinking of Them

Recalling or thinking about a departed loved one is an excellent indication that a spirit is communicating with you. This is especially true if the thoughts are strong and happen at an unusual time or in an unusual place. It is quite likely that a loved one is thinking of you at that very moment or coming to let you know he or she is nearby. Our loved ones on the other side know exactly what they are doing, and they have the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

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Coincidence and Synchronistic Events

We are often presented with what might be called a unique, synchronistic event. Be aware of the message. There really is no such thing as coincidence. If you have ever thought of a loved one, are then reminded of favorite song you shared, and later that day, heard it on the radio, it may be the interface of a loved one.


Do you see numbers that seem to repeat themselves? Do clocks stop at a certain time? Do license plate numbers have a particularly important sequence? Do you see a loved one’s birth date routinely showing up? It may be the obvious nudge of an important spirit.

The ways in which our loved ones communicate are as varied and complicated as their personalities. There is no one way for that communication to happen. It can be any one or all of those mentioned above. No matter what means is used to get through to you, it is important not to discount the happening. Be mindful of so-called coincidences. Listen, and open yourself to their needs and ways to interact with you.

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