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I hope this finds each of you well. As many of you know, I am well into authoring my first book. I’m so very excited to be sharing insights and guidance on the topic of psychic work, mediumship and controlled remote viewing. A portion of the book will also be devoted to aligning with your higher self and will include tips and tools designed to assist you in living the life you were intended.

I want to take this opportunity to share with each of you that I’ve decided to devote some of this book, and possibly a full chapter, to my clients. The work I do is successful and deeply fulfilling because of those of you I have had the good fortunate to assist using this amazing ability. So, I would like to invite any former clients to submit stories or insights about their reading/session.

This is not meant to be a brief testimonial but rather a more lengthy expression of how connecting with your loved one has impacted your life, what you may have learned, or any other details or inspiring story you just feel a desire to share. If you had a psychic reading, and you have some thoughts, insights, validations or life changing events you desire to be heard, these too are welcome.

There is not a guarantee that your story will be selected, however all submissions will be considered for publication in the book. You will be notified via email if your story will be included so please be sure to submit a valid email address.

If you are interested in sending in your story, please submit them through the Contact page at

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Psychic Medium Shares 3 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate

Spiritual & Psychic Development: Relationships and Soulmates

There is a pervasive misconception that we have only one soul mate.

In reality, we will have many soul mates in our lifetime and throughout our journey. Some soul mate connections only occur briefly, while others are in place for most or all of our lives. Some are in-depth and rich, while others are seemingly simple or meaningless.

They all matter and have value.

There is never an encounter we are not meant to have – be it short, long or in-depth. We made an agreement before we arrived on Earth to live out our journey together and to shape our own soul growth.

Types of Soul Mates

1. Twin Flame – the other part or half of your soul

In most cases, your twin flame is not actually living and they do not experience human life at the same time as you. Rather, they are on the “other side” and are guiding and caring for you from there.

In some cases, this soul mate may indeed incarnate with you. When this happens, you will know this soul mate because the chemistry you share is highly charged. If you are apart from this person, there is very deep longing for them.

However, this person is not necessarily always a good match for you; the similarity is so immense that it makes for a chaotic relationship because you’re too alike. In addition, they generally reflect everything about yourself that you don’t like. To be compatible with this person, each must be very comfortable and at peace with their own higher self.

2. Companion – also known as “Kindred Spirit” or “Teacher Soul Mate”, who comes into your life for a particular reason and duration

They may be friends, teachers or mentors who have presented at particularly challenging times in your life and/or at a time when you may pursuing a very important goal. These soul mates are voices of encouragement and support. This soul mate could even be the person who appears briefly to help when your car breaks down, or that person who magically appears at just the right time to help you in moments of greatest need throughout your life.

3. Twin Souls – people with whom we share a close friendship and feel very comfortable and relaxed with

You have many prior lives with this person, and you will likely live many again with them. This soul mate connection is quite similar to the Companion Soul Mate, however the difference is the bond is stronger and longer. This relationship is often a close friend or family member. There is often a highly spiritual or even telepathic connection with this person, and you may at times feel you don’t even need to use words to communicate. You might also find that your life experiences parallel one another.

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How Do You Find Your Soul Mate?

1. Meditation

When you meditate, set the intention of the desire to meet your soul mate – ensuring that you state this specific intention out loud as a means of releasing it to the Universe. Learn to be aware of any signs, symbols and messages that manifest. They may come in your dreams, through your meditation, or when you least expect it.

2. Count your blessings

You cannot manifest anything into reality from a place of lack, sadness or giving attention to what is missing from your life. So, make lists each day of all the things you love, every thing from the warm socks on your feet, to your health and well-being.

3. Imagine your soul mate is present in your life now

For example, see yourself laughing at the dinner table with this person, traveling together or taking a walk. Say out loud, “I am in a deep-seated, loving relationship with a uniquely wonderful person. I am so happy.”

Whatever the right words are to you, say them. Then, recognize how it makes you feel as you imagine this and say the words you have chosen. Does it bring tears of joy? Chills of excitement? Wonderful! This is where the power lies – it is in how you feel and the intention you release to the Universe.

The Universe does not know the difference between thought and reality, so this exercise of seeing your soul mate in your life as if it were reality is incredibly powerful.

Don’t give up on meeting your soul mate, they really are out there waiting to meet you, help you, or share your life with you. They often come when least expected, however by setting your intention to the Universe, having an open heart, and being thankful for what you have, your souls will collide when they’re meant to.

Do you believe in soul mates, and if so, do you think we have more than one?

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Essential Oil to Promote Relationship Harmony

As the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” so simply desiring a relationship fix on your own may not be enough to salvage what’s been damaged. That said, by thoughtfully pursuing your partner and showing how you genuinely love him or her, you may be able to create inroads for better communication and understanding, not to mention healing, in the future.

Essential oil to support your relationship? Yes! Try the essential oil Lavender to assist in bringing in calming, relaxing and balancing energy both physically and emotionally. It’s a great companion during your relationship journey.

What’s Next? I Want to Attract My Soulmate

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Psychic Development Training! Develop Your Mediumship Using These Powerful Techniques

psychic development

Psychic Development and Mediumship: What is a Medium?

Mediums use their power to detect and communicate with spirits and those in the afterlife for the purpose of conveying specifically targeted information to a specific, living individual.

When thinking about psychic development, you can think of Mediums as Spirit Interactors serving as live, human interactors for spirits existing on the astral plane. Mediums serve as receptives for multiple types of energy emanating from the spirit world and/or the universal matrix. A Medium seeks out spirits on behalf of the living, and spirits seek out cooperative Mediums for delivering information to the living. Spirits also seek out Mediums in order to be revealed, become materialized, or influence a course of events.

Psychic or Medium Reading? What is the Difference?

In a psychic reading the intuitive generally works directly with spirit guides as well as their own higher knowing to receive information. You may receive guidance and advice regarding your past, present and future. You may also receive information pertaining to health, career, finances, love and relationships as well as guidance for your own spiritual growth and advancement.

In a medium reading the intuitive will link directly with the spirit world and your loved ones who have passed over, bringing any messages they have to you. In this reading you find answers you seek about the Other Side and your departed loved ones. These readings are a wonderful opportunity to understand and learn about the healing power of contact with the Hereafter. Through information received from spirit, you may also at times receive psychic information and guidance about your life. In a medium reading however, the distinction is that the information is presented by spirit.

Be mindful that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Why Do Our Loved Ones Come To Us In a Medium Reading?

Spirits come to us for many reasons. It may be simply to say hello, to guide us in our earthly issues and events or to assist in healing and closure of our grieving. I find that often spirit has come to offer an apology. In addition to choosing when, where, and with whom they will send messages through, spirit chooses why they come. It is our task, to listen with an open mind and hear their messages.

Psychic Development: How Can I Prepare for a Medium or Psychic Reading?

  • Sit quietly for a few moments, then tell the spirit you wish to contact that you intend communication. They already know, but tell them anyway.
  • Recall and think about past memories, smells, traits, events or places you traveled with your loved one.
  • Set the intention for a joyful, expectation-free session.
  • Be certain and confident that your loved one has heard you.
  • Please be sure you are in a quiet place for the reading where you will be uninterrupted.

What is an Evidential Medium?

An evidential medium will provide facts about your loved ones they could not possibly have known, such as how they passed, particular events, names, dates and special activities. Often times, specific clear and detailed memories will present. You will know it is your loved one the evidential medium is connecting with based upon the factual evidence presented.

Medium Readings: I Want to Here From My Loved One Now

You’ll want to be patient.

Please understand that spirit may take time to adjust to the Other Side. Think of it as that they are getting situated in a new home. They need time to adjust their passing in the same way that you do. Giving them this time to settle in assists them and makes the transition easier. Simply telling the universe and/or spirit that you are perfectly willing to wait for a time when they are ready to communicate helps them. You may want to request they show you a symbol when they are ready to come through. Also, remember that wanting to communicate with them too badly may hinder communication and the medium connection.

How Soon Can I Connect with My Loved One in a Medium Reading?

Spirit can communicate regardless of how long they have been on the other side. While some do communicate better than others, they all do have the ability to connect with you, whether they have passed one day ago, one year ago or 20 years ago. You may also notice in a reading that our loved ones often present with many of the similar personality traits and habits that they did while on earth in a physical body.

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Language and Medium Readings

There is no language on the Other Side. Spirit communicates from a higher vibration and they are understood regardless of what language they spoke while living on earth. Language is merely an earthly way of communicating and for human sake.

What has spirit transcended to?

I have learned that spirits most certainly have come to know a more enlightened state and are more spiritually advanced having passed over to the Other Side. However, spirit is not all-knowing. They often retain much of their personality they had while on earth albeit with a new and profound level of awareness. It is not uncommon during a reading for spirit to present at an age much younger than when they passed. This is because we have the choice, having passed over, to appear however we desire. In addition, near the age of 30 was often an optimal age so many choose to revert back to appearing as they would at that time in their earthbound experience.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings and How Time Works

There is no time on the Other Side, at least to the extent that we know it. However in order to get some sort of glimpse, I have learned through readings with spirit, that things move at a much faster pace on earth. This is, in part, why we come to earth, because the growth is exponential. You might think of it like this: A blink of eye for spirit world is 8 months to you and I. So, in this light, it is a gift to be here on earth, as the growth is immense.

Mediumship Readings Provide Us With a Few More Things

What Do Our Loved Ones Desire for Us?

It is generally the intent of spirit to bring the core of important challenges and issues to the forefront. Sometimes, they desire to do this right away. This is because of an intense desire to bring healing and growth to their loved ones still living. They realize the value of resolving issues and not leaving things unsettled before our own passing. Spirit also understands the importance of unconditional love and that we are all connected. Remember that your prayers for you loved one go a long way. They benefit from this deeply and hear you.

Signs Relating to Our life lessons

While spirit generally comes with wonderfully insightful and profound healing messages, they will never provide information to the extent that they interfere with your life lessons and/or spiritual growth you were meant to incur. Please realize that a medium reading should not take the place of the grieving process. Some find that waiting one to two months after the loss of a loved one to schedule a reading is best.

Mediumship Readings Help You Connect with Your Loved One, But You Can Too

The easiest way to connect with your loved one or your own spirit guides is through your dreams. Dreams bring powerful spiritual messages. Before you go to bed, tell your loved one you desire to visit with them. Offering an invitation is all you need to do. When you least expect it, they will come to you. You will know because your dream of them is especially vivid, full of love and feel good as opposed to fear or dread. There is no mistaking your loved one has indeed come.

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A Medium Reading Can Be Life Altering

When you experience validation by a spirit while in a reading, it is enormously powerful to all who witness it. When a spirit comes through in a medium session it is profound. It not only provides validation of your ability to connect to the other side, but it is an indication that the work of Mediumship is for you.

I Want to Learn More About Psychic development and Mediumship Development

Are you ready to learn more about psychic development & Mediumship? Try one of our courses here! Tele Course with Psychic Medium Michelle Beltran

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